Monday 19 November 2012

Lady V's Latest Offfering: The Wiggle Dress

As you may have realised by my previous posts, I LOVE Lady V London's dresses. Recently on their Facebook page they announced the arrival of the new Wiggle dresses, a prospect that filled me with sheer joy!

The Lady V Wiggle dress comes in 7 colours and 3 different prints in sizes 8-20/22. It costs £40, or £30-£40 at the time of writing this since it's on offer. I opted for the Red/White Polka Dot and the White/Black Polka Dot as they popped out to me most. As for the sizes, my measurements are; bust 36", waist 26.5, hips 38" so I ordered sizes 8 and 10 in both colours to ensure I didn't miss out on the introductory offer. Here's the size chart for this particular dress:

Two days later a pink package arrived containing the lovely dresses! My first observation was that the red isn't a bright poppy red but more of a wine red, which isn't what I was expecting, but is really nice nonetheless. The dresses are of a nice quality and don't feel like they'd fall apart or lose their shape easily. 

The fabric of the skirt part is quite a thick, quality stretch cotton/elastane mix and designed to cling to your curves, but does seem to be prone to creasing. The top part (the patterned bit) is made from a non-stretch viscose so I wasn't sure how the fit would work out on a fuller bust. The other design feature I was worried about was the 'apex' between the bust, which creates a kind of cupped dress. I've always steered clear of this sort of feature as all women have differently sized boobs, so I think a lot of women might not look quite right in these dresses as a result. A more preferable design in my opinion would be to have a high waisted design without the bit between the boobs. Something like this. I've added the collar and bow using my amazing MS Paint skills, but you get the idea! The original dress is from Ebay, apologies but I can't find the listing now!

The 'apex'

As I said before, I ordered both size 8s and 10s to try and find the perfect fit. The 8 fitted better in the body, if not a little more snug than I feel comfortable in but the top part of the dress was too small, hence the mega cleavage. The 10 was perfect at the top but too big at the bottom, which you can clearly see in the photos below. This problem could easily have be solved by a minor and relatively simple alteration.  

The one thing I noticed when I laid them flat was how 'hippy' these dresses are, making them ideal for those curvier ladies who don't go straight up and down. If I were to have kept one, it definitely would have been the white/black polka dot dress in a 10 and have it tailored to fit.

White/Black Polka Dot:

Red/White Polka Dot:

Be warned, the plunging neckline is not for the faint of heart and exposes lots of skin (and cleavage if you're busty). You'll need to wear a balcony bra, such as Curvy Kate's Tease Me or Masquerade's Rhea for the bra not to be seen. In my photos I'm wearing a Freya Deco plunge bra that I had to fold to make the cups less visible (you can see them in the red dress) and a shapewear 'Wear Your Own Bra' (WYOB) slip from Primark's Secret Possessions range to smooth out my silhouette.

I love the pin up style of the wiggle dress and the fact that it has a wide collared neckline, polka dot pattern, high waist and a bow really pushes my buttons. The 'apex' I discussed is something I would normally have overlooked for such a nice dress but I can't really afford another at the moment, so I've had to send them all back, sorry Lady V...I'll always accept gifts y'know ;)

So ladies, what do you think? 

Sunday 11 November 2012

Sorry to ask AGAIN but I need your votes!

Hey all, please could you all do me a huge favour and vote for me to win Curvy Kate's next swimwear collection?

Just click this link and click VOTE, or failing that, go to the gallery and find my design (see below) and simply click vote!

Also, while I'm on the subject of voting, please could you vote for fellow Star In A Bra 2011 contestant Georgina Horne of FullerFigureFullerBust to win Tesco's Winter Wishlist blogger competition. She's number 3 and looks something like this:

Thanks lovelies! x

Bringing out the Retro Goddess in you with Gossard Retrolution!

*This set was sent to me by the kind people at Gossard to review*

Apologies for the break in blog posts, I've recently stopped spending so much on clothes and lingerie on account of paying for my Maldivian holiday next month! Thankfully, the lovely folks at Gossard sent me another set to review, so I didn't have to spend a penny! Phew!

I was sent the Retrolution set of the half padded bra (£36) in my 'sister size' of 30G with a waist cincher (£40) in a large, but neither fitted. In the bra the cups run small, as does the band, so ideally a 30GG or 30H would have fitted, but sadly Gossard don't produce bras above a G cup. The large cincher was too big all round, so I returned the set for a 32G and a medium cincher.

The Retrolution range boasts tags saying 'VIP' which instantly makes you feel you're getting something special, and the 'hardwear' is in a striking shade of rose gold as opposed to the usual silver.

Each design in the range has high quality lace panels combined with a stretch satin type fabric, again of a high quality. The Waist Cincher benefits particularly from the stretch satin as it really holds it's shape and can help smooth out any lumps and bumps. The little details and stitching add to the 'VIP' feel of the range.

The back of the bra features the classic Gossard gate back, which I love, and a nice thick band of hooks and eyes as you can see here. Great for support in larger cups.

So, how did it fit? Well, it could be better. The bra, as I said was a 32G, a far cry from my 'real' size of 28GG which meant the back was on the large size, but not so much that it would cause any major issues. It fitted more like a 30G, so I'd recommend going up a back size but keeping your cup size the same as it runs small in the cup. The coverage of the bra is full and not something I'd normally go for, but is certainly something I'd wear as there's no risk of any spillage from the centre of the cups like I usually experience in plunge bras. I will need to take the band in a little to get the perfect fit, but I must say, this bra does seem to be a very wearable day-to-day bra.

The waist cincher was ideal for me in the butt in a medium, but an inch or so too big in the waist. This is perfectly understandable as not everybody is as curvy as me, with my waist measurement of 26.5" and hips at their widest at 38". The cincher could really work as decent shapewear on someone with more 'normal' curves I'm sure. I wouldn't recommend wearing this under a slinky dress as the seams are relatively bulky so you'd get a VPL.

So you want to know how it looks, right? Here you go!

Admittedly I wouldn't have bought this set as I like a PERFECT fit and something I know I'll wear regularly, and the price is a little more than I'd pay at £76 for the set. The thing I loved about this set is that it really hit the spot in making me feel like a Retro Goddess. I teamed it with seamed stockings and black heels (not seen) and felt every inch the Pin-Up, see?! 

What do you think?

Wednesday 10 October 2012

Get Fleurty with me!

When I first laid eyes on Curvy Kate's Fleurty from their 2012 Spring/Summer collection, I knew I had to have it. Its pretty but unusual combination of a coral base with blue overlay and circular cut-out pattern really hit a chord with me but with me being a bargain hunter, I knew that this set would eventually surface in a sale or on Brastop, stockists of big bras from past seasons for low prices. So I waited, and eventually there it was! It's currently on offer for £18.95 for the bra and £9,95 for the shorts.

The strikingly pretty colours of Fleurty

As always, I consulted my trusty team of busty friends to find out how the Fleurty fitted in size compared to Curvy Kate's Tempt Me, which I wear in a 28H, and it was agreed that I try a 28HH. wo cup sizes larger than my 'usual' size of 28GG. 

The Fleurty is a balcony bra and unusually for the Showgirl range the band seems true to size! Since there is quite a lot of detail on the cups, the lumpiness of the pattern and pleating at the bottom of the cups can be seen quite easily under tight fitting clothes. This can be remedied by wearing a seamless cami over the top. The back of the bra is plain.

A close-up of the detailing on the bra

As for the shorts, after a spot of trial and error, I ended up with a size 18. To be honest I was somewhere between the 16 and 18, but the 18 offered less muffin top, so I went for those. I don't mind what the label says as long as it fits, but I am concerned that this kind of sizing may rule out a genuine size 18 lady from getting comfortable pants to match the bra. The front of the shorts echoes the design of the front of the bra and the back is a double layer of blue mesh.

The amazing detail on the shorts

So, here's the set, aint it gorgeous?! I couldn't be happier with the fit, it's spot on!


In my opinion, this is the best fitting Curvy Kate bra I've tried yet, and sadly, it's the first and last of the Fleurtys! Apparently it didn't sell too well. Perhaps it was the unusual colour combination or the bulk of the detailing. Either way, I'm gutted. Please, Curvy Kate, consider reintroducing Fleurty, even if it meant a few tweaks in the details. It's a stunning bra!

Do you like the colour combination?

Ooh La La LOVE!

*This item was sent to me by Gossard to review. This in no way clouds my judgement*

As soon as I saw the Ooh La La range from Gossard I fell in love to the point of buying an entire set that didn't even fit purely on the basis that it looked gorgeous! I consider it the set that won me Brastop's Model Of The Month competition in December 2011. To recap, here's the set; plunge bra £30, deep suspender £22 and shorts £14.

Since then, I've lusted after the Ooh La La corsele £59 and thong £12 in it's different colours, particularly the most recent in Scarlet.

You can imagine my delight when the lovely Jade from Gossard offered to send me the very corselet and matching thong I'd been admiring from afar! As soon as I unpackaged it I was in love, but at a 30G (again, sent because Gossard don't make a 28GG) I was doubtful that it would fit.

The colour is more of a raspberry red rather than scarlet, with pinkish undertones. The vintage styling, pin tucks and lace really add to the luxury of this piece, making it ideal for bridal lingerie in the Ivory colour.

Firstly, Gossard boast this corselet has an 'easy-on, easy-off' side zip and hook and eye fastening. Let me tell you, easy it is NOT! I fought for quite a long time trying to fasten the damn thing, and eventually had to unhook the bra strap and spin it around! The zip is concealed and virtually invisible. Here's the fastening with the hook and eye part of the bra band fastened already;

The unique side hook and eye fastening with a concealed zip

The 30G padded cups were a perfect fit on me, but as expected, the band was on the large side, as was the body. I can imagine this fitting a 30G size 10-12 perfectly. Sadly it was an inch or two too big on my waist. It would be suitable for wearing underneath that little black dress as a sexy alternative to shapewear, but you also need to take into account the seams which may appear bulky under anything particularly tight fitting. I'm unable to comment on it's 'pull-in power' as it's loose in the body on me. This begs the question; how much pinning did they have to do on the model to get it to look so good?!

The addition of suspenders is both practical and drop dead sexy too! This corselet is a multi-way, enabling it to be worn under a strapless, halterneck, asymetrical or normal strapped dress. Sadly, as it was a bit big in the band, I can only wear it with straps.

Regular readers will know I like to buy my thongs in larger sizes to reduce 'muffin top' and in the Ooh La La, I was sent a Large, which fitted perfectly without any lumps and bumps.

Be warned, this corselet will make you feel like a real-life Jessica Rabbit!

At £59, it's a lot more than I'd be happy to spend, but if it fits and you have a use for it, I'd certainly recommend buying it. It's sexy, practical and well made. The corselet is available in sizes 30-38 D-G for £59 and the thong XS-L for £12. There's no denying it's one of the sexiest sets I've reviewed so far, it's just a shame that Gossard don't cater for more sizes.

What do you think? Would you pay this much for a corselet? Should Gossard branch out with their sizes?

Glossies by Gossard

*This product was sent to me by Gossard for me to review. This in no way clouds my judgement*

I saw the Glossies collection by Gossard a few months ago on Twitter, and pretty much came to the same conclusion as everyone else I know; it looked HIDEOUS! I mean, really...ew. It's shiny and see through and that Mocha colour...? I quickly dismissed this bra as something I'd never wear, or even contemplate trying on.

Glossies bra in Mocha

Then I was contacted by a lady from Gossard who wanted to send me some products to try, and to my disappointment, what turned up? I Glossies set in Mocha!! Cue a horrified look/gasp!

Gossard don't make 28 bands at all, so I was sent a 30G. I had a feel of it and the fabric is gorgeously soft but I didn't think it would support me. Then I noticed the panels on the outer sides of the cups designed to shape and support the bust. Then I tried it on...and it REALLY pains me to admit that it's actually a lovely bra and DOES support me! The fabric feels beautifully soft against the skin and although I still think the colour is pretty vile, the Mocha shade would be perfect for someone with darker skin who's looking for a 'nude' bra, because nude bras tend to cater for Caucasian skin. The Mocha colour in person is quite different than in the stock photos.

I was very surprised it worked on me because normally in a plunge such as this, the seam over the top of the bust usually cuts on, but in this bra that doesn't happen. I don't tend to wear unpadded (and particularly sheer) bras, but (and again, it pains me to admit it) I would actually consider wearing this, just as long as I could find a way of hiding my nipples. The other issue I had, although I realise other women wouldn't, it that you can see the creases in the skin on my boobs when I 'tuck' them in when putting the bra on. As I said, it probably won't affect a lot of you, unless you have post weight-loss boobs with some loose skin.

My main bugbear, and it is a biggie, is that the straps are so thin! Why, Gossard, why?? Also, it could use three hooks instead of two, so the combination of thin straps and a thin band aren't ideal in larger cup sizes.

The shorts were sent to me in a Large, and are perfect. No muffin top!! I actually love these! They are ideal for slipping on under tight fitting clothing and feel great. I imagine I'll get a lot of wear out of these because they look and feel really nice.

The Glossies range is available in various colours, in sizes 30 D-G and 32-38 A-G. The shorts comes in sizes XS-L and cost £12.00. Both can be purchased direct from Gossard here. I'd really like to see Gossard expand their size range to include 28 bands and cup sizes over a G. They are a very well established company now and I think it's about time they moved with the times and their customers.

Well I've certainly learnt my lesson; never judge a book by it's cover! Would you try Gossard's Glossies range or do you think they're too ugly?

Thanks for reading!

Friday 21 September 2012

Pinup perfection! The Heidi dress by Pinup Girl Clothing

Amongst the many dresses my curvy pals have tried, there is one that stands out above the rest. One that seems to enchant every woman who's tried it, whether they are a size 6 or a size 20. That dress, ladies and gentlemen is the Heidi by Pinup Girl Clothing!

A few months ago I finally caved in to my desires and bought a Heidi dress in leopard print from buy-unlike. After a lot of comparing measurements with other Heidi fans, I bought the dress in a small, and much to my delight it fitted perfectly, as though it was made for me! I paid £47 for it in the sale, and sadly they don't stock it any more but it can be found on Pinup Girl Clothing for £60 (plus shipping).

The neckline is quite daring and somewhat lower than I'd usually wear, but boy do I feel good in it! It's sweetheart shape is complimented by a black trim which is also echoed around the cap sleeves. Included is a high quality skinny fabric belt in black. Here I teamed it with a wide bow belt from Primark, spike heelless shoes from my local market (can also be found on ebay) and the 'Lola Puffy' petticoat from Collectif.

A close up on my shoes because I think they're amazing! I admit I've not worn them yet but I couldn't face taking them back for a refund because they're so different.

I'm glad I caved in as this dress is gorgeous, fits like a glove and is available in plenty of other colours should I get bored of this one. I've already go my eye on the cherry print Heidi.

The Heidi might cost a bit more than other dresses I've tried, but it's totally worth it as the quality, fit and rockabilly styling are perfect. I'd be hard pushed to find something off the rack that fits as well as the Heidi. It's quite simply perfect!

Wednesday 19 September 2012

The Ahh Bra...The Marmite of bras?

*Firstly, I'd like to say that I was sent the following items to review by the company in question. I blog honestly and will not lie about a product just because it was sent free of charge.*

We've all seen those late night shopping channels advertising miracle products that you simply can't live without, right? Sometimes they can grab your attention...

"Tired of hooks, wires straps and underwires?" Sounds interesting, go on..."Say goodbye to the barbaric torture of traditional bras and hello to technology made perfect!" Riiiiight...."The Ahh Bra...." Oh, that thing...

Like I said in the title, to me the Ahh Bra (affectionately know as the Argh Bra by some bloggers!) is like Marmite; you either love it or hate it. I'm a firm believer in the need for wires, hooks, straps and a solid band to support the breasts, so I'm in the 'hate it' camp. So when a representative of Rhonda Shear contacted me to see if if I'd like to review the Ahh Bra, I was reluctant but in the interests of my blog, thought it would be an ideal product to try.

Rhonda Shear, the designer of the Ahh Bra is undoubtedly a passionate and inspirational businesswoman, having won numerous entrepreneurial awards since the launch of the Ahh Bra 2002. Rhonda was an all-American beauty pageant kind of girl, later posing for Playboy, then moving onto TV, movies and stand-up comedy. Wanting a new project, Rhonda decided to embark upon designing a revolutionary new bra; and the Ahh Bra was born! Rhonda's range has since expanded to include nightwear, outerwear such as leggings and secret support vests, dresses and shapewear, which I was hoping I'd get to try out.

The ever glamorous Rhonda Shear (photo courtesy of Up All Night)

The Ahh Bra has no hooks, wires or adjustable straps and comes in sizes XS-2XL without the 'need' for cup sizes. It's supposedly guaranteed to fit perfectly. We'll see about that...!

Beautifully presented. But never judge a book by it's cover...

I was sent four items from Rhonda's 2012 collection; the original Ahh Bra, an Ahh Bra with removable pads, the 'Sweet Tart' butterknit gown and the 'Pin Up' bra.

I received this in the Raspberry colour, in a size medium, based on my overbust measurement of 36" (I think). The underbust measurement isn't taken into account therefore I found it a little loose in the band.. The other major problem is that the straps aren't adjustable, and needed to be about 4 inches shorter. You can see in the picture below how the fit of the Ahh Bra is improved simply by shortening the straps, which also encased the 'armpit boobs' I was experiencing, an issue the Ahh Bra boasts to eliminate. Even then it's not something I'd be comfortable wearing outside the house.

I can't argue that the construction of the Ahh Bra isn't well designed, with it's tight knit in place of traditional wires, and looser knit to accommodate the bust. This is not an exclusive design though, as there are other bras on the market that sport a similar construction. 

The Original Ahh Bra is unsuitable or use as a functional  bra in my opinion, as it does not support the bust in a way that a wired and adjustable bra can. I'd only suggest the Ahh Bra to be worn as a sleep bra or for slobbing out on the sofa.

The Ahh Generation Bra (with removable pads):
This one is virtually the same (looks and fit) as the Original Ahh Bra, except it has removable pads and is in the Blush colour. The fit in this one was...interesting, the pads far too small for my GG cups. However much I tried, I couldn't get my boobs NOT to look wonky, so I don't really have much to say on this one that I haven't said already. Er....enjoy? 

I so badly wanted this to work as I hadn't had much luck with the first two. But the only positive thing I can find to say about this non-wired, soft cup bra is that it has LOADS of hooks and eyes, see? I wish other bra makers would follow suit, although they were quite fiddly to fasten, so maybe not.

This bra was a Small yet the band stretched right up to 40". Yes, the fabric is that stretchy. Bearing in mind my underbust measurement is 28", you can see why this particular style doesn't work for me. Again, the straps were far too long and coupled with the very loose band, the bra offered no support whatsoever. Yes, that's my natural shape in the first picture. Also, check out the HUGE arm holes! 

Possibly the most disappointing of them all. I was hoping to at least salvage this to sleep in, and on unwrapping it, it was instantly my favourite of the package. The nylon/spandex mix is beautifully soft and stretchy, and the black lace over nude is a nice touch. Although the straps are adjustable, I didn't find this helped at all, since they are very thin and flimsy, completely unsuitable for supporting GG cup boobs!

Again, this is a small and again the band was extremely stretchy, offering no support, so my boobs sit as though I'm not wearing a bra at all. I think the pictures speak for themselves:

All in all, I wouldn't recommend any of the products I've reviewed if you have a fuller bust. They might work okay for a woman with a smaller bust than myself I guess, but since you're reading fuller bust blog, then I can't say I'd be able to guess. Apparently, the Ahh Bra is hugely popular and has sold millions of units, so I guess a lot of women have had success with them. What works for one might not work for another, so who am I to argue?!

Have you tried an Ahh Bra? What did you think?

Sunday 1 July 2012

Lady V London Revisited...and I'm in LOVE!

Back in April, you may remember my post about a newly discovered company, specialising in Vintage reproduction dresses called Lady Vintage London. The dress I bought from them is absolutely beautiful, but didn't fit in a size 10 sadly. However, I couldn't bear to return it as I'd fell deeply in love with it, so I asked my mum to tailor it to fit and she did it brilliantly! After much hassling via twitter and Facebook, Lady Vintage finally announced that they would add size 8's to their range! I was delighted at this, but couldn't choose a dress until I finally caved last week and ordered three beautiful dresses. Without further ado, here they are!

Black & White Polka Dot Hepburn Dress. At the moment, it has £10 off, making it £30. Be quick if you want one! This is a size 8 and sadly too big. I mean sadly, because I wanted this dress to wear for work. It's eye-catching without being sexy and I love the high neckline (supposedly a no-no for a big bust) and the huge amount of fabric in the skirt. The dress comes with a thin black patent belt, as seen in the first two photos. It would easily work for a day in the office, night out, wedding or even as a day dress, it's so adaptable! My only other criticism in the length. At 5'2", it's a little bit too long, but when I slipped on my petticoat (details at the bottom of the post), it looked much better. My advice; Size down in this, but it's WELL worth it.

If only this came in a size 6...

My next choice is a fairly new addition to Lady Vintage, in a size 8, the Beautiful Cat Print Shawl Collar 50's Dress, £35. As soon as I tried this on, I knew it was something special! The fabric is so soft and floaty,and the print is adorable! Just look at the little kitty! I love the Peter Pan collar and the matching fabric tie belt too. The bust is just about big enough for me, so if you're reading this because you have big boobs, bear it in mind that I'm a 28GG. Again I tried this with and without a petticoat and with various belts. With the petticoat I felt a little like a lampshade, but with a less full petticoat, I'm sure it would look much better. It's very slightly see through, but this can be tackled by wearing nude underwear. Here, I'm wearing blue and you can see it showing through a little, but not too badly.

Lastly, the dress I was most looking forward to trying after my campaign to get size 8's made; the Vintage Blue Floral Summer Swing Dress, £40. I really didn't want to fall in love with this as I've still not worn my other Lady Vintage swing dress, but boy have I fallen for it! Firstly, the fit is so perfect it's as though it was made for me! I was spoilt for choice at which swing dress to try because admittedly, I wasn't overly keen on any of the patterns, and even when I first slipped this dress on I wasn't so sure. With my nude belt and shoes, it's safe and understated, but a little 'meh'. Then I went and tried it with red. WOW. Who'd have thought that red would be the most complimentary colour for this dress?! I thought I'd be buying the cat dress but this one has me smitten so I'm going to have to make a tough decision...

So as I mentioned at the start of this post, my mum altered the dress I'd previously bought from Lady Vintage, and here it is. I'm sure you'll agree that she did an amazing job! Unfortunately this colour dress is no longer available but you can still get it in black and red, £30 or in black and pink, £30.

...and here's what I was wearing underneath. for the square necklines, it's best to wear a balconette bra like this one; Tease Me in blue by Curvy Kate, £29. My petticoat is from Collectif, and is the Lola Puffy in red, £38.

You might also want to check out Lady Vintage fans and bloggers Miss Kathryn's Misstakes,  Big Girl's Browse and  Fuller Figure Fuller Bust. They all look amazing in their Lady Vintage dresses!

So all that's left to do is decide which dress I'm keeping. Thanks for reading!

Thursday 28 June 2012

By the way...I WON!

Totally forgot to thank you all for voting for me in Brastop's Cover Girl competition. I won! 

If you're a Brastop customer, you have probably already received your copy of their magazine with me on the front and an exclusive interview inside! Eek! Exciting stuff! If you're not a customer, you can read the magazine online here, but (at the time of writing this), 'my' issue is not online to view yet.

So here's what the finished product looks like, along with the postcard that was sent out to customers for my Model Of The Month win back in January.

Thanks again, I wouldn't have won without your support :)

Boux Avenue. A boob of a bra fitting.

So it seems the latest initiation to the world of lingerie blogging is to go for a fitting in either Victoria's Secret or Boux Avenue. Today I opted for the latter due to a lack of the former.

The Boux Avenue store in question is the Trafford Centre store which opened a little over a year ago. The store itself is beautifully laid out, with drawers under each rack of bras containing each back size and multiple cup sizes. Boux Avenue stock bras from a 30 band and cups up to H, sizing me and my 28GG's out from the offset. But me being me, I thought I'd play devil's advocate and go for a fitting so see what they came up with. 

I went in wearing my 30G Freya Deco that rides up at the back and just about encases my boobs and made sure it looked worse by jiggling my boobs to the point of being close to spillage. I grabbed a 30G red gingham bra I liked from one of the drawers and ask for a fitting. The girl who fitted me was as lovely as fitters always are, but I didn't hold out much hope for her from reading the experiences of Cheryl and Becky from investinyourchest and Georgina from Fullerfigurefullerbust. She came armed with a tape measure, whcih she wrapped around me VERY tightly and told me I'm measuring up at a 30 back. Now I know this not to be true because I'd measured myself a few nights before and came up at 27" meaning I should be in a 28 band. She told me that the G cup I was wearing was clearly too small and that I should be wearing a 30GG. After a few fails, the fitter suggested I try a 32G to get the correct cup size. A 32 band is a massive 5 inches larger than my actual band size!

Here is the first bra I tried, a red gingham number in a 30G. I'm a sucker for red gingham! As you can see, it's too big in the band. The fitter agreed that it didn't fit, but didn't seem to notice how big the band was.

The next two are both 30GG's and both fitted much better than the last, but still were too big on the band. When I fastened them I used the loosest hooks and then adjusted the straps to fit. The fitter told me this is wrong and that I need to create a 'perfect circle' around my back. She then apologised for using training talk and explained that the band should sit parallel around your back and not ride up. Correct. She told me the way to do this is to fasten the bra on the tightest hook and THEN adjust the straps. This way the band won't ride up. Erm...what? 

In this coral 'Poppy' bra, there was a little extra fabric above the top seam which made it not sit flat, and he correctly said this is because my boobs are bottom heavy, but she didn't suggest I try a smaller cup. The fit in this was isn't too far off, but the gore didn't sit flat and the band was too big when I pulled it away from my body.

In this floral 'Taliah' bra, the shape was all wrong, and didn't completely encase all my breast tissue like it should have, so she fetched a 30H for me to try, which was of course, far too big. The band wasn't sitting parallel as you can see, so I wasn't getting the support I needed.

Finally, the fitters' stab in the dark. Two 32G's. The fitter said that the central gore was sitting away from my chest because the cup isn't big enough. Now this interested me, as I was told the same thing by a customer service representative when I rang Bravissimo once. I'm almost certain this is not the case, and it's all down to band size as normal.  Check out the length of the fully adjusted straps in this electric blue 'Chloe' bra!

The fitter said that I need a wider central gore to prevent spillage, and chose the 'Loretta', a black silk bra for me to try, saying it runs smaller in the band than their normal range as it doesn't have a lot of stretch. This was not the case...

As lovely as the fitter was, I expected more from a self-proclaimed 'Fitting Ambassador'. After she realised none of the bras weren't going to be suitable for me, she asked if I'd heard of Curvy Kate. This made me pretty happy because it's nice to know they're becoming well known. She also suggested Caprice's range, available from Littlewoods, but again, my real size of 28GG is not catered for.

While Boux Avenue have some really pretty bras and a store interior to die for, I wouldn't suggest you go to them for an accurate fitting. I still haven't found a decent fitting outside Bravissimo sadly! 

Have you had a fitting at Boux Avenue? How did they do?