Thursday 26 May 2011

Bra hunting in Manchester!

Right then beauts...Today I went to Manchester all on me tod so I could spend ages trying bras on. Firstly I need to point out/moan about the red marks I was experiencing with my Freya Carly (30G). I wasn't uncomfortable at all, maybe I was just dehydrated (classic me). Either way, I had red marks on my shoulders, at the gore, and rather amusingly, a perfect imprint around my side/back! Have a look...

On to the shops! First off, I tried Debenhams, who offer a good range of sizes from a 28 back, right up to a HH cup!

I love the ivory chiffon bow balcony bra from the Gorgeous range! 30G £24 I think it was...Great uplift, gives a nice, rounded shape. The back isn't very generous at all. If anything it's a little tight, but I'd still buy it in this size.

The navy satin and mesh balcony bra is again a 30G, £16.50 and this time, the back was a bit better, although the straps were WAY too long. I'd have to take a good few inches off them to make this one work. Nice everyday bra though...

And last up from Debenhams, the bright pink mesh and lace trim balcony bra, £16.50. I had this in navy a few years ago but it no longer fits, which is a shame, because I prefered that colour...Anyway, fits well, perhaps a little small on the back. Great thing about this one is that you get the briefs/thong free when you buy them in store, although I'm not sure the offer applies online.

Next up, Marks & Spencer. Frequently inconsistent in sizing, sometimes the backs run very small, but not when you want them to (see second bra!).

First up, the Limited Collection gingham check padded balcony bra, priced at £10 in the sale. It's not the best fit, could do with a bit more cup, but maybe that's just my boobs. I tried this in three sizes: 28G, 30F and 30G. True to size, I purchased the 30G (I sooo need my roots doing...). The only issue is, once again the straps are slightly too long. You can tell I love this one!

Next up, Spot Print Push-Up DD-G Plunge Bra, £16. Back sizes start in a 32, so I tried a 32G. The back was too big (admittedly I would have wrongly worn this size a few months back), but the cleavage was rather impressive!

Finally from M&S, the Limited Collection Vintage Style Spot Mesh Padded Bra (DD+ sizes not shown on the link), £12 in the sale. Fail! I tried a 30G and there was enough room to swing a cat in there!! M&S don't make a FF for some strange reason, so I guess I'd need a 30E, as this was so roomy! I wouldn't ordinarily try an unpadded bra but this caught my eye. It's very pretty and maybe I should have tried another size.

Last but not least (by a long shot!), every busty girls' Mecca; Bravissimo! The Manchester store is very small, located in the Quadrangle shopping mall, close to Selfridges and the Printworks. It has a very limited range of bra sets, swimwear and sleepwear, but doesn't stock any Pepperberry clothing.

First up, the Dotty Spot bra by Bravissimo, £29. I tried a 30G in this one, which was slightly too small in the cup, as you can see by the creasing. I found the structuring of this bra made my boobs kind of lumpy between the seams. I think this is just because my boobs aren't the firmest!

Next I was doing an experiment with the wonderful Freya Deco, £30. I have one of these in a 30G in nude, but I wanted to try a 28 back. The only 28 they had was a FF so I tried it anyway. What a disaster! How many boobs??! Having said that, the back was nice and snug, and I'm going to try and seek out a 28G to try.

The next photo is a Strapless Deco in a 28G. The back is a little too snug for my liking, but I expect that of a strapless. I'm thinking the 28G in the regular Deco *should* fit ok...

Since it's almost holiday time I decided to try the Pureda Panama plunge bikini, a Bravissimo exclusive. £32 for the top, £20 for the bikini brief. The back was a little too stretchy for my liking and when I bent over to put the briefs on, it pinged open! Dangerous! Always make sure the fastener is 'locked'! It's nice, but for the price, I think I could find something a bit more...sturdy? I know this wouldn't fare too well with a run on the beach without some serious bounce. It looks gorgeous though, so I'm a little torn...

Next, we have the Rita bra by Cleo, £25. Fits great, looks great, true to size. The only reason I didn't buy this is because I wasn't that taken by the pattern. Had it been leopard print with red lace, or polka dot, I would have been all over it!!

The following one I had every intention of buying today! The funky Karina by Cleo. At £31, it's a little steep compared to the previous Cleo bra I tried on. The one pictured is a 30G, which was a little bit too big on the cup, so I tried a 30FF, and this seemed better. The main reason I didn't buy it (apart from the price), was the shape it gave me udner my t-shirt. It gave me a kind of teardrop shape side-on, which I don't quite fancy. I prefer more uplifted, rounded boobs, like the Deco gives. I was also worried about falling out of the middle of this bra, as it is a plunge, and I don't usually have much success with these.

Lastly I spied a rack of Pepperberry clothing with a "What's your Pepperberry size?" above it, so I thought I'd give it a whirl. I 'measure up' as a 8SC, according to the Pepperberry size guide, but I thought I'd be better suited to a 8C. The assistant recommended I try the 8RC, which worked a treat. My criticisms with the Pintuck Shirt I tried are that the sleeves are too baggy, not to mention too long (probably to be expected as I'm only 5'2"), and the shoulders are a little too broad for my frame. I'd also say it's quite generous in the waist for an 8, especially given the models Pepperberry use are somewhat thinner than myself, but that's a whole different ball game....Otherwise, I might consider buying from the Pepperberry range.

So, that's all folks! I hope you've enjoyed my first review-type blog. I actually enjoyed writing it!
Muchos Luvos xxx

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