Friday 21 September 2012

Pinup perfection! The Heidi dress by Pinup Girl Clothing

Amongst the many dresses my curvy pals have tried, there is one that stands out above the rest. One that seems to enchant every woman who's tried it, whether they are a size 6 or a size 20. That dress, ladies and gentlemen is the Heidi by Pinup Girl Clothing!

A few months ago I finally caved in to my desires and bought a Heidi dress in leopard print from buy-unlike. After a lot of comparing measurements with other Heidi fans, I bought the dress in a small, and much to my delight it fitted perfectly, as though it was made for me! I paid £47 for it in the sale, and sadly they don't stock it any more but it can be found on Pinup Girl Clothing for £60 (plus shipping).

The neckline is quite daring and somewhat lower than I'd usually wear, but boy do I feel good in it! It's sweetheart shape is complimented by a black trim which is also echoed around the cap sleeves. Included is a high quality skinny fabric belt in black. Here I teamed it with a wide bow belt from Primark, spike heelless shoes from my local market (can also be found on ebay) and the 'Lola Puffy' petticoat from Collectif.

A close up on my shoes because I think they're amazing! I admit I've not worn them yet but I couldn't face taking them back for a refund because they're so different.

I'm glad I caved in as this dress is gorgeous, fits like a glove and is available in plenty of other colours should I get bored of this one. I've already go my eye on the cherry print Heidi.

The Heidi might cost a bit more than other dresses I've tried, but it's totally worth it as the quality, fit and rockabilly styling are perfect. I'd be hard pushed to find something off the rack that fits as well as the Heidi. It's quite simply perfect!

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