Sunday 11 November 2012

Bringing out the Retro Goddess in you with Gossard Retrolution!

*This set was sent to me by the kind people at Gossard to review*

Apologies for the break in blog posts, I've recently stopped spending so much on clothes and lingerie on account of paying for my Maldivian holiday next month! Thankfully, the lovely folks at Gossard sent me another set to review, so I didn't have to spend a penny! Phew!

I was sent the Retrolution set of the half padded bra (£36) in my 'sister size' of 30G with a waist cincher (£40) in a large, but neither fitted. In the bra the cups run small, as does the band, so ideally a 30GG or 30H would have fitted, but sadly Gossard don't produce bras above a G cup. The large cincher was too big all round, so I returned the set for a 32G and a medium cincher.

The Retrolution range boasts tags saying 'VIP' which instantly makes you feel you're getting something special, and the 'hardwear' is in a striking shade of rose gold as opposed to the usual silver.

Each design in the range has high quality lace panels combined with a stretch satin type fabric, again of a high quality. The Waist Cincher benefits particularly from the stretch satin as it really holds it's shape and can help smooth out any lumps and bumps. The little details and stitching add to the 'VIP' feel of the range.

The back of the bra features the classic Gossard gate back, which I love, and a nice thick band of hooks and eyes as you can see here. Great for support in larger cups.

So, how did it fit? Well, it could be better. The bra, as I said was a 32G, a far cry from my 'real' size of 28GG which meant the back was on the large size, but not so much that it would cause any major issues. It fitted more like a 30G, so I'd recommend going up a back size but keeping your cup size the same as it runs small in the cup. The coverage of the bra is full and not something I'd normally go for, but is certainly something I'd wear as there's no risk of any spillage from the centre of the cups like I usually experience in plunge bras. I will need to take the band in a little to get the perfect fit, but I must say, this bra does seem to be a very wearable day-to-day bra.

The waist cincher was ideal for me in the butt in a medium, but an inch or so too big in the waist. This is perfectly understandable as not everybody is as curvy as me, with my waist measurement of 26.5" and hips at their widest at 38". The cincher could really work as decent shapewear on someone with more 'normal' curves I'm sure. I wouldn't recommend wearing this under a slinky dress as the seams are relatively bulky so you'd get a VPL.

So you want to know how it looks, right? Here you go!

Admittedly I wouldn't have bought this set as I like a PERFECT fit and something I know I'll wear regularly, and the price is a little more than I'd pay at £76 for the set. The thing I loved about this set is that it really hit the spot in making me feel like a Retro Goddess. I teamed it with seamed stockings and black heels (not seen) and felt every inch the Pin-Up, see?! 

What do you think?

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