Thursday 12 January 2012

2 more from Curvy Kate!

Rich jewel colours, ruffles, bows, oodles of detailing...It can only mean one thing, another Curvy Kate Showgirl review!

I have to admit, every time I open my lingerie drawer, I let out a sigh at the sheer beauty of this first bra. It is truly beautiful! It is Curvy Kate's Thrill Me in Jade/Fuchsia. It's base colour is supposedly jade, but I'd call it more of a turquoise. It's trim is a bright, contrasting fuchsia, and works beautifully against the jade.

I was fortunate enough to receive this bra, along with all the bottoms; the thong, high-waisted brief and the shorts as a Christmas present from my lovely boyfriend. I prefer the shorts out of the three, as they have cheeky ruffles across the bottom and also have detachable suspenders. The high-waisted briefs are something I've not tried before, and although other women find them flattering, I feel they make me look bigger somehow. I love the thong as frills at the top of each leg, so cute! 

For size reference, the bra is a 28H and the bottoms are all in a 14. As always with Thrill Me, back down, 2 cups up is my general rule, but this must only be used as a guide, as you may find they fit you differently. op to bottom, shorts, thong, high-waisted brief.

Again a Christmas present, this time Curvy Kate's Tease Me in Black/Almond. I LOVE Tease Me, it's so sexy AND supportive. The almond colour makes a nice change from the brighter colours from past seasons, and I must admit, I wasn't a fan initially, but seeing it in the flesh changed that. I just have the gorgeous shorts in this set, with ruffles on the back and detachable suspenders.

Again, in a size 28H and this time the shorts are a size 16.

There's nothing more I can say about these sets that I haven't already covered. I just think they are gorgeous!

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