Sunday 22 April 2012

My shiny new Panache collection!

As mentioned in my previous post, I won some fabulous prizes from the gorgeous Georgina Horne of FullerFigureFullerBust. This post is about the massive 5 Panache sets I won! Yes, 5 sets, how generous!! I was astounded by the generosity of both Georgina and Heather Kipling of Panache. As you know, big bras aren't cheap, and I think myself very lucky! After a number of weeks of too-ing and fro-ing to get the right sizes, I finally have 5 lovely new sets in my drawer! Heather chose my sets from their current range, and although they're not all styles I'd normally choose, I'm very happy with the selection.

Firstly I'll mention that I was originally sent a lovely red 'Veronica' swimsuit that reminded me of the Kellogg's Special K adverts. Sadly, my rather large derriere didn't agree with the swimsuit idea. I always struggle with swimsuits because, as you will all know if you've been reading my posts and not just looking at the pictures (I know it happens-shame on you!), my bottom half is somewhat bigger than my top half, so the swimsuit sent to me in a 30G (Panache don't make 28 bands as yet in their swimwear) fitted better at the top than at the bottom, and rather than the usual '4-boob' effect us women often rock (get fitted girls!), I was getting a '4-buttock' effect instead! The lovely Heather replaced the swimsuit for a gorgeous bikini. More on that later.

First up for the bras, the much coveted Masquerade Rhea in black. I was sent a 28GG and it's perfect. The band is snug and has very little stretch, an issue I was already aware of, so if you're looking for comfort, the Rhea may not be right for you. However, if you're looking for luxury and gravity-defying boobs, then go out and get a Rhea! It's quite expensive to buy, at around £35, but the silky fabric and materials used lend themselves perfectly to the price tag. The Rhea is a padded balcony bra, so if you struggle to stay in plunges, this is a style that could work for you. I was sent matching shorts in a size 14, which fit beautifully. There's just something about Masquerade lingerie that makes you feel a million dollars! Definitely worth buying for that special night in ;)

Next we have the Panache Sports Bra. When I first saw this, I loved it but not being a sports fan, watching or taking part, I had no need to buy it. It's a very different style to the other sports bras out there, and very much lends itself to be worn as a work out top. It has a built in racer back clip, which can be useful if you want to hide your straps under racer back tops. If you're feeling (very) brave, the shorts (here in a size 14) are also suitable to be worn as outerwear too! I had a little bounce around my room in this and my boobs stay firmly in place, doing exactly what it says on the tin. It seems pretty high impact, and is more 'solid' than my Shock Absorber sports bra, which is unpadded and lacks the engineering that the Panache has. Don't get me wrong, it's a damn good sports bra, but the Panache one just pips it to the post. The Panache Sports Bra has the style that other sports bras lack, and would certainly be my go-to should I ever decide to get off my lazy arse and do some exercise!

Boasting on the tag 10 years of being Panache's best selling bra, the Tango has clearly been a favourite in a lot of women's lingerie drawers for a long time. I was sent the special edition 'Ocean' colour unpadded balconnet bra, which has a touch of diamante at the gore, offset perfectly by the turquoise of the bra.At first I tried this bra in a 28GG, which was too large in the cups, so it was replaced with a 28G, which could fit better if I'm being honest. The cup is fine at the front, but I have a bit of 'side-boob' where breast tissue is being pushed under my arms.  think the underwires need to be a little less u-shaped to combat this. Sadly I don't think I'll get much wear from this bra as I don't tend to wear unpadded bras, and with the fit being slightly out I fear it may be uncomfortable. Tango also comes in a plunge bra, so if you like the Tango balcony but don't get on with it, there's another option for you to try. Again, the briefs were perfect in a size 14, no complaints there!

The most troublesome of my 5 sets is the Alexa by Cleo, a colourful unpadded balconett. I tried 3 sizes; 28H, 28GG and 28G. The 28G fits best, but still not quite right. Like the Tango above, the wires are very u-shaped giving a touch of side boob, and the fabric above the seam on the front of the cup is slightly large, similar to the Cleo Juna I previously reviewed. The fit isn't perfect, but it's definitely wearable and not uncomfortable and boasts incredible uplift! The shorts are a size 14 and fit perfectly. My favourite thing about this set is the colours and pattern. Panache have really pushed the boat out with their Cleo range, aimed at the younger market of busty girls. I adore their choice of bright colours and styles. Take a look for yourself!

Last but not least, the Page halterneck bikini! I was delighted when I opened this parcel, I can tell you! I'm a little disappointed that Panache haven't extended their size range in their swimwear, but to be honest, I'm less picky about wearing the correct size when it comes to bikinis. I was sent a 30FF and it fits really well. The back is a tad loose, as expected, but it's not really an issue. The fold-down briefs are a 14, and again perfect. The reason I love this bikini so much is because it's nautical-looking and has a retro feel about it. It's so cute!

So there we have it, 5 gorgeous sets by Panache! Again, many thanks for Georgina from FullerFigureFullerBust and Heather from Panache for their generosity and help :)

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