Sunday 25 March 2012

A little post about Star In A Bra 2012

Hi all, Just a very short post about Curvy Kate's Star In A Bra competition 2012. As you know, I made it through to last year's top 10, and this year I thought I'd take a chance and try again. Sadly I didn't make it through this year, but that won't stop me entering again next year (as long as I haven't lost my curves, that is!). Here are my entry photos I used... like them so decided to show them off! I hope you like them too!'s where I want your help! You can vote for three girls to get through to the top 10 in this year's competition. I voted for Jesse James, Alice Rose Rayman and Rachael Kirby. Jesse and Alice are both absolutely stunning young ladies, and Rachael gets my vote because she's 40 and looking amazing with it! 

So, you can either vote for the same three as I have by clicking the their names or you can choose your own three by clicking here. f you look closely, you might see a familiar face in the background montage too ;)

Happy Voting!

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