Wednesday, 10 October 2012

Glossies by Gossard

*This product was sent to me by Gossard for me to review. This in no way clouds my judgement*

I saw the Glossies collection by Gossard a few months ago on Twitter, and pretty much came to the same conclusion as everyone else I know; it looked HIDEOUS! I mean, really...ew. It's shiny and see through and that Mocha colour...? I quickly dismissed this bra as something I'd never wear, or even contemplate trying on.

Glossies bra in Mocha

Then I was contacted by a lady from Gossard who wanted to send me some products to try, and to my disappointment, what turned up? I Glossies set in Mocha!! Cue a horrified look/gasp!

Gossard don't make 28 bands at all, so I was sent a 30G. I had a feel of it and the fabric is gorgeously soft but I didn't think it would support me. Then I noticed the panels on the outer sides of the cups designed to shape and support the bust. Then I tried it on...and it REALLY pains me to admit that it's actually a lovely bra and DOES support me! The fabric feels beautifully soft against the skin and although I still think the colour is pretty vile, the Mocha shade would be perfect for someone with darker skin who's looking for a 'nude' bra, because nude bras tend to cater for Caucasian skin. The Mocha colour in person is quite different than in the stock photos.

I was very surprised it worked on me because normally in a plunge such as this, the seam over the top of the bust usually cuts on, but in this bra that doesn't happen. I don't tend to wear unpadded (and particularly sheer) bras, but (and again, it pains me to admit it) I would actually consider wearing this, just as long as I could find a way of hiding my nipples. The other issue I had, although I realise other women wouldn't, it that you can see the creases in the skin on my boobs when I 'tuck' them in when putting the bra on. As I said, it probably won't affect a lot of you, unless you have post weight-loss boobs with some loose skin.

My main bugbear, and it is a biggie, is that the straps are so thin! Why, Gossard, why?? Also, it could use three hooks instead of two, so the combination of thin straps and a thin band aren't ideal in larger cup sizes.

The shorts were sent to me in a Large, and are perfect. No muffin top!! I actually love these! They are ideal for slipping on under tight fitting clothing and feel great. I imagine I'll get a lot of wear out of these because they look and feel really nice.

The Glossies range is available in various colours, in sizes 30 D-G and 32-38 A-G. The shorts comes in sizes XS-L and cost £12.00. Both can be purchased direct from Gossard here. I'd really like to see Gossard expand their size range to include 28 bands and cup sizes over a G. They are a very well established company now and I think it's about time they moved with the times and their customers.

Well I've certainly learnt my lesson; never judge a book by it's cover! Would you try Gossard's Glossies range or do you think they're too ugly?

Thanks for reading!


  1. I was wondering how the fabric felt? Is is soft and silky? That colour wold not be my first choice. I do like the look of that Gossard Smooth Cup Glossies Bra in Raspberry but it looks like it only comes with a thong. I didn't see any of the full-cut high waisted knickers I like to review on my own lingerie fashion blog, Full Brief Panties, but noticed they do sell a pretty reddish-pink lacy short. If the Gossard Glossies had high waisted full coverage knickers that were the same raspberry colour as set I mentioned above I would try them.

  2. Nice suggestion as a nude bra for darker complexions. It seems like the gore would be too wide for someone with close set boobs, though.

  3. The Invest In Your Chest girls hated this bra, so I was surprised to see how much you like it! It gives you a better shape than it gave them; I wonder what's different.