Sunday 13 May 2012

Help me WIN! (And see me in pants again!)

Back in January you may recall me winning Brastop's Model Of The Month competition for December. On May 4th I attended a professional photo shoot for the overall Covergirl competition with 4 other Model Of The Month winners. The winner gets to feature on the front cover of Brastop's summer issue of their magazine.

As I knocked on the door of the London house, I could hear lots of girly giggling! I was greeted by Becky Mount, one of Brastop's resident bloggers, with a huge hug! Firstly the hair stylist got to work on my stubborn hair, setting it in large rollers...

Arrgh! No make up!!

Then I had lots of free time to roam around the unbelievable £5 million house(!), so I took a few shots, naturally:

Then, after snacking on cake, crisps, etc, I was whisked into make-up. Soon after that I got to try out my first lingerie set of the day, the Freya Erin. I loved this set but sadly it's not availible in my size. All 5 of us girls were then asked to do some fun shots, such as all five of us piling into a wardrobe, using kid's toy cakes as makeshift boobies, that kind of thing! We had such a laugh, I had tears running down my face!

All five of us all glammed up and ready to rock! Good luck girls!

I must admit, being around these 4 gorgeous girls (and they really are stunning) made me feel so old! I think I managed to hide my 30 years though. Or should I say, the make up artist did! After the fun shots I was asked to change into three different sets for my individual shots. The photographer was he lovely Alison Webster, the same one I'd met last year for the Curvy Kate Star In A Bra 2011 top 10 shoot. A fun (and manic) day was had by all, and the 5 hours I was there flew by way too fast! I could have stayed in that house for a long time just exploring each floor!

Here are a few of my shots from the day:

So....Now the important part. Time for your input! 

Voting ends on Friday 18th May 2012, So if you'd like to see me on the front of Brastop's magazine, please take a few seconds to vote for me. I'd really appreciate it if you could also share the link after you've voted to help me even more! Since I missed out on winning Star In A Bra last year and id't get chosen this year, I'd love to win this competition.

All the gorgeous lingerie featured in this post is available from Brastop.

Please cross all fingers and toes for me, and VOTE VOTE VOTE! Thank you! <3

Friday 11 May 2012

Star In A Bra across the pond!!

For the first time ever, Curvy Kate have packed their suitcases and headed off to the USA to launch their increasingly successful Star In A Bra competition!

The Star In A Bra competition has been a massive success here in the UK, projecting your average girl next door into the limelight as a lingerie model! The modelling contest has produced such beauties as Lizzie Haines, Laura Butler, Lauren Colfer and from the Australian competition Julia McLean, all seen below.

Now it's time for the USA to get their turn! As we all know, America has a HUGE diversity of shapes and sizes and this is reflected in the Star In A Bra USA Top 30. Of course there are a fair few wrong bra sizes, but that will be rectified at the top 10 stage I'm sure!

You get three votes at this stage, and I've decided on two of mine but can't decide on a third as yet. So here are my two favourites. Firstly we have the absolutely gorgeous Brittany Jencks of Thin and Curvy. She has a beautiful figure, and wears a 28H which is a cup size bigger than myself, so I can totally relate to her struggle to find well fitting bras.

Vote for Brittany!

My second vote goes to the gorgeous Cristyén Elaine Fowler of Red Hair & Girly Flair. Not only is she a fellow red head, but like me, she's also lost a whole chunk of weight to get where she is now: In the Top 30 of Star In A Bra!

Thursday 10 May 2012

The Tremendous Tiki!

When I first discovered Collectif around a year ago, I fell in love with the Tiki print Sarong dress, but it was sold out in my size. I toyed with getting the next size up but decided against it, and put those longing thoughts to bed. Le sigh. 

Then, whilst idly browsing Ebay, I came across Collectif's Ebay shop and found one in a size 8! I didn't pay a lot for it, I think it was £15 or thereabout. Luckily, nobody else was bidding against me. The listing said the print was slightly imperfect but once it arrived, I had a good look and couldn't find anything wrong!

It fits on the large size, so I'd recommend sizing down. As it's a halter neck, you'll need to find a multiway bra that doesn't show. Here I'm wearing a Panache Inferno Plunge. The fabric belt that comes with it isn't the best, and doesn't flatter the dress as well as it could, but that's not an issue when you have as many wide belts as I do. My red one is a firm favourite and it contrasts the turquoise blue of the Tiki print perfectly! What do you think?

So the moral of the story is, don't give up looking, and ALWAYS try Ebay!