Friday 18 July 2014

Hey Baby, Hey Baby-DOLL!

Apologies for the terrible No Doubt reference in the title, I've been a fan for many years!

Today I'm reviewing the Cleo by Panache Marcie babydoll in this gorgeous summery bright shade of yellow. I purchased the babydoll from for just £24.50 (shorts £9.80) in their summer sale. Unfortunately Lace didn't have my size (28GG), or any other 28 bands in stock so I settled on my sister size of 30G. I figured I won't be wearing it enough to warrant the perfect fit with it being a pretty impractical item in reality. Which begs the question why I bought it! I don't know, possibly something to do with my boyfriend's favourite colour being yellow and the fact that it's not a colour often seen in lingerie. I mean, when WOULD you wear a babydoll practically? As you may know, I don't tend to buy unpadded bras either, so this unpadded babydoll was like a step into the unknown for me!

So lets talk about the colour first. It's GORGEOUS! Sunny and bright, you won't mind the odd bit of strap showing surely! The three-part cups are made from a polka dot mesh which is sheer but not too sheer, if that makes sense(?), the top part being a pretty scalloped lace. The skirt is made from the same polka dot mesh, only it's only one layer, therefore more sheer.

I don't normally get on well with Cleo and other Panache bras as my boobs don't tend to fill the top section, leaving a weird gap, so I ordered a 30G and 30GG and hoped for the best. Please bear in mind that operate a minimum order of £40 policy so if you're stuck between ordering two sizes, just order both. As predicted, the 30GG was too big in the cup and luckily the 30G was perfect, so I will be purchasing the bra too, available from Bravissimo and Figleaves amongst others. The cup is absolutely spot on, no gaping like I normally get with Cleo. Obviously the band is looser than I'd like but that's to be expected. It's still comfortable and does its job, so I'm not complaining!

The 'skirt' has a gap at the back, making it's easier to get on than other babydolls that tend to have a full skirt that's joined at the back meaning you have to pull the entire thing over your head.

A word of caution, the straps are fully adjustable, BUT only up to a G cup, so if like me, you're GG+ and petite, you will probably need to get out your sewing kit and alter the straps to fit. The straps in GG and above are padded on the underside, in my opinion unnecessarily, and a little wider but still look the same as the adjustable part. I didn't have this issue in the 30G fortunately.

The briefs are really pretty with a sweet ruffled frill at the tops of the thighs and contrasting pink bows to match the bra and babydoll. I went for a size 14 and although they look okay, I'd prefer an extra inch on the waistband so I don't get ANY muffin top whatsoever. I know, there's not much muffin top but even so, I'd like none! I reordered the briefs from Bravissimo in a size 16 (not pictured) and although these are a better fit on the waistband they are slightly saggy in the back, but I'm happy enough with them so I'll keep the size 16.

I ordered the Marcie bra in a 28GG from Bravissimo and sadly it has that typical Cleo gaping I usually get. I'm not entirely sure why since it's a sister size of the well-fitting 30G babydoll, so I'm currenty awaiting the arrival of the replacement in a 28G. Anyway, that's an aside as I'm reviewing the babydoll!

What do you think? Love or loathe the colour? Have you found a practical use for a babydoll?

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