Friday 11 July 2014

Pamela Mann Tight Rope Walker tights; the perfect balance!

Once again I was contacted by the lovely people at Pamela Mann tights asking if I'd like to review some tights for them. Of course I said yes when I saw the tights in question!
As much as I love statement tights, I don't wear them often as I'd like to as I sometimes don't feel brave enough! But when I was sent the Pamela Mann's Tight Rope Walker tights in nude I knew they were subtle enough for me to get away with, and so I wore them to work with a swing skirt that falls on my knee, meaning as I walked, the little balancing dudes were visible with the motion of my skirt!

Peek a boo!

I have a number of pairs of tights with a printed design on which soon wears off, but the Tight Rope Walkers are actually woven into the tights, meaning there's no chance of fading or washing out. The nude colour of the tights is perfect for my pale complexion and almost makes me look as though I'm bare-legged, which is great. 

My only criticism would be that because tights are pretty much a one size fits most, and in this case being 8-14, covering various heights, I found the tight rope walkers themselves getting lower down my legs throughout the day. This meant I was asked by a shocked colleague when I'd had my unusual tattoos done!

I stupidly managed to put my nail through the tights as I was pulling them up in a rush, but this is no reflection on the quality of the tights (just a reflection of my clumsiness!). Speaking of quality, it does pay to spend a bit more when it comes to tights. I have numerous of pairs of Primark tights but they simply don't last. My Pammy's are the best I've tried so far, and hold up well wash after wash. 

Oops! Always take care when pulling up tights!

Pamela Mann's Tight Rope Walker tights are a fun talking point and every time I wear any of my Pamela Mann tights I get positive comments from colleagues and even random people in the street! The Tight Rope Walker Tights are available for £9.99 a pair and come in one size 8-14, and 2 colours; nude and black.

Photo Courtsey of Pamela Mann

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