Thursday, 21 February 2013

A quickie review of Flirtelle's Audrey and Curvy Kate's Rio Ruffle bikini

Hi guys, I'm so sorry I've not posted since November! My December holiday then Christmas got in the way and I stopped buying clothes and lingerie so I ran out of things to review. 

I looked through some old albums on my laptop and found a few bra pics that I hadn't posted. The following are both still very much available at Brastop so I feel this is a relevant and up to date post.

Please excuse the photo quality, I only took quick snaps as I was packing for my holiday at the time and I had to get both sent back for a refund asap.

Firstly we have the Curvy Kate Rio Ruffle bikini, currently at just £12.95 for the top, and £6.95 for the bottoms! The Rio Ruffle bikini was from Curvy Kate's very first plunge into the sea of swimwear and when I first saw it I fell instantly in love. The colours are beautiful, a rich jade with a cerise trim, and it has RUFFLES! I love a ruffle! I ordered a few different sizes on the recommendation of my busty pals, as this bikini is a tricky one to get right. In the end I settled on my usual size of 28GG for the best fit. 

Personally I found this bikini was too east/west for my breasts, and cut across slightly, giving me a spot of quadraboob. It would suit those who usually have success with lots of Curvy Kate bras, such as Emily as the Rio Ruffle is based on the Emily shape ut with lightly padded cups. I better suit their balcony shape (Fleurty, Tease Me) so it didn't work for me. I'd have preferred something a bit more cleavagey with more forward projection.

Rio Ruffle bikini by Curvy Kate

Next I tried the Audrey by Flirtelle, sister company of Curvy Kate. Priced currently at £12 and £6.95 for the brief, the pretty simplicity of the textured floral fabric attracted me to this set. It's certainly no show stopper but better suited as an everyday bra. It is lightly moulded and is very supportive, but again it's an east/wester on me, and again slightly cuts into my breasts across the middle, although this can't be seen in the photo below. The Audrey bra seems to me to be the same shape as the Curvy Kate Daily Boost bra.

Audrey bra by Flirtelle

I'm so sad that neither of these worked for me as I really like the look of them both. Oh well, at least it gives me a better idea of what to look for in the future!


  1. What a gorgeous selection of bras at! The Rio Ruffle Bikini Jade/Purple by Curvy Kate looks lovely and paired with the the Rio Skirted Tie Side Brief it looks easily pretty enough to wear on a beach - similar to some kinds of swimsuit Couture Carrie might post photos of on her blog Bikinis and Martinis. What a great price! I LOVE RUFFLES too! I like the floral embroidered detail of the Audrey Balconette Bra by Flirtelle.

    It's wonderful to have you back blogging and reviewing lingerie fashion again! Your bra reviews are always fabulous, objective and informative. Jen, a fashionista who writes the blog "A Little Bird Told Me" just did a post asking Do You Buy From Blogs?. I would certainly want to buy through yours if I were looking for a large cup bra. I wish I'd read your recent posts right before I left a comment there. and mentioned your blog.

  2. I'm really loving the colours and ruffles on that bikini top, and the price is great but I've heard that the straps are super stretchy on this, would you agree?

    //Rebecca :)

    1. The straps were very long but I didn't notice them being overly stretchy, but that said, I only tried the top on for a few minutes. Hopefully Curvy Kate bikinis will improve next season.