Sunday 22 April 2012

My Winning Entry For FullerFigureFullerBusts Competition!

Back in February, Georgina of FullerFigureFullerBust ran a fabulous competition with loads of amazing prizes. I was lucky enough to win 5 sets from Panache and a dress from BiuBiu, as reviewed in my two previous posts. 

So here's a quick post about my entry,in case you haven't seen it already. I chose the 'design a bra' category, and my idea quickly snowballed into actually making my design! 

I love The Rocky Horror Picture show, especially the character of Columbia. She's feisty with bright red hair, and wears sequins! My bra design is based on Columbia's costume in the Time Warp scene; multi-coloured sequin corset, gold sequin tailcoat and striped shorts.

Alas, my idea was born! I used an old bra that didn't fit, cut off the mesh overlay and trim, and got to work. It took around 10 metres of multi-coloured strung sequins, about 3 metres of other trims, a few metres of various coloured ribbon, half a bottle of fabric glue and a number of hours! It almost didn't happen. I ran out of sequins at this point and it took me a few weeks to find a new supply to match exactly!

.....And here it is...The Columbia!

What's more, it fits me!

I really enjoyed making it and it was well worth the effort as the prizes I won were amazing! Thanks again to FullerFigureFullerBust for choosing me as a winner!

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