Sunday 22 April 2012

Dabbling with BiuBiu; Vanity Fair and Green Ponti dress

Back in February I was delighted to receive and email from fellow busty blogger Georgina Horne from FullerFigureFullerBust saying I'd won some prizes in her amazing giveaway competition! One of my prizes was a dress from Polish company BiuBiu who specialise in clothes for women with a larger than average bust. My other prize was a very generous 5 sets from Panache, which I also blogged about here.

I was put in touch with Kinga, who runs the company and immediately felt at ease! She's absolutely lovely and helpful, considering she's giving away stock, free of charge! I chose the Green Ponti, a tulip dress with 3/4 sleeves and unusual collar. I wasn't sure which size to order, so she took my measurements and recommended a 36 BB/BBB. I also wanted to try one of her Vanity Fair shirts, so I ordered one in white in size 36BB. A week or so later, my parcel arrived, beautifully wrapped in pink crepe paper (I'm a sucker for wrapping!). I tried the Green Ponti first, which came up a bit too big. However, the fabric and design of the dress were amazing. More on that later with the correct size. I tried the Vanity Fair shirt and again it was too big. Kinga promptly offered a replacement and helped me with the correct size again. So off my parcel went to Poland...

Left: Green Ponti in 36BB/BBB and Vanity Fair in 36BB, both too big

Obviously the exchange took a while, going to and from Poland plus the processing time, but there was no rush, and I trusted it was all fine in Kinga's hands! A few weeks rolled on and I got my replacement. This time I ordered the Green Ponti in a 34B/BB as the 34BB/BBB was sold out, and the Vanity Fair in a 34BB.

The Green Ponti dress is beautiful, and thankfully a perfect fit! The colour is a deep forest green, the fabric a nice quality ponti and the design of the dress is gorgeous! It has a tulip bottom, which is friendly for both those with hips and those who'd like to create the illusion of having hips. The top half has 3/4 fitted sleeves and plenty of darts for shape, but my favourite feature is the unusual funnel collar with a deep, but not too deep plunge. On me it shows a teeny hint of cleavage, but not so much that it becomes a NSFW dress. When the weather has warmed up a bit, I'll be wearing this for work with some sheer patterned black tights, black heels and a black skinny belt. It could also be worn for a night out by adding different accessories, or dressed down with knee high boots, blazer and scarf for an autumn stroll in the park. It's really quite adaptable!

The Green Ponti dress in 34B/BB. Perfect!

The Vanity Fair shirt also fits beautifully! Again, it has plenty of seams and darts showing how much tailoring has gone into it. The neckline is a safe for work mid v-neck, and it has well-structured cuffs, which can be worn down or flipped back if, like me, you have short arms! My only criticisms of this shirt are that the sleeves are a bit too long for me, and the fabric. It's just that little bit too see-through. I usually wear a camisole underneath my shirts, so it's only really an issue if you don't (and wear brightly coloured bras!). The Vanity Fair makes a much cheaper alternative to the Pepperberry shirt I previously bought. I have to admit, I preferred the quality and fit of the Pepperberry, but I'm a sucker for a bargain, so if I wanted any more shirts, then I'm more likely to head to BiuBiu.

3 ways to wear Vanity Fair in a 34BB

BiuBiu are definitely worth a try if you have a bigger bust. Don't be afraid because they're a Polish company, Kinga really values her customers and her English is perfect. While it may take a little longer to receive your item and returns will be more costly, it STILL works out cheaper than Pepperberry's inflated prices. Do it!

Thanks to Georgina Horne of FullerFigureFullerBust for the fabulous competition prizes and to Kinga from BiuBiu for all her help :)

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