Wednesday 15 February 2012

The Triple Nipple Club

This one's a bit of a silly post I know, but I read on wikipedia that 1 in every 50 women have supernumerary nipples. I am one of those weirdos! It's NOT a mole, it's a third nipple. I've checked numerous photos online and yep, it's a full-blown nubbin.

According to folklore, extra nipples meant you were a witch, the nipple being used to suckle Satan himself! I'd be okay with that if it were true. I'd love to be able to cast magic, although back in the dark ages, when women were sometimes tried for being witches, extra nipples were seen as 100% proof and subsequently would lead to certain death! Harsh!

So, you're now wondering where it is and what it looks like, right? Mine is situated below my left breast, typically along the 'milk line'. In fact, I found this diagram online and mine is exactly where the labelled one is;

If you look closely it's visible on all my photos. Here's a closer shot of it, enjoy!!

My nubbin has never bothered me. I know some people have them removed and even pierced! Radio presenter Jo Whiley had hers removed, while Lily Allen famously flashed hers on TV! 

So do you have any extra bits? Of so, let me know!

The moral of the story is that NOBODY'S PERFECT!

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