Tuesday 21 February 2012

Everything you need to know about Star In A Bra 2012 but were afraid to ask...

'Twas the night before 'SIAB', when all through the house
ran a curvy girl giggling, in nowt but her pants.
Lingerie sets were thrown here and there,
in hope that Curvy Kate would choose her to show off their wares.

If you're reading this, it's likely you're thinking of entering Star In A Bra. Curvy Kate run their model search competition annually and this year entries open on February 23rd 2012. Yes, tomorrow!

It might seem quite a daunting task to pose for someone you don't know in just your skimpies, so I've written this to help you make your mind up whether or not you should enter. Last year I didn't know what I was letting myself in for. I entered on a whim after spying the link on Simply Yours. I had no idea I'd be chosen for the top 30 public vote, let alone make it into the top 10!

The Rules

Curvy Kate are looking for ladies with natural breasts in a D-K cup of any shape or size, aged 18 or above to flaunt their curves. The winner will be crowned 2012's Star In A Bra and will win, amongst other things, a year-long modelling contract with Curvy Kate!

That means that even if you have stretch marks, cellulite, tattoos, scars or in my case an extra nipple, and you know how to work your killer curves, YOU ARE Star In A Bra material! So....are you thinking of entering?

The Photos

Curvy Kate ask for five photos in total. Three must be body shots in lingerie or swimwear so they can see your beautiful body and the other two photos must be head shots with only yourself in the shot. Here are my top tips to get the best photos:

1. Choose sets that you love and that you KNOW you look amazing in! Your confidence will sparkle in your eyes.

2. Practice your poses in front of the mirror beforehand and take inspiration from lingerie brochures on line, such as Curvy Kate's 2012 collection!

3. Take numerous shots, even for just one pose. Sometimes cameras act strangely and might not focus or the light won't be quite right.

4. Use the timer function on your camera. If you don't have a tripod it doesn't matter, use a pile of books or DVDs. I always set up a mirror behind my camera so I can see what is it in the viewfinder too.

5. Try tilting your head a little, dropping your chin, lifting your shoulders a touch, moving your arms. Don't just stick to the same pose.

6. Make an effort with your hair, make-up and lighting. Show Curvy Kate you value the competition and yourself!

7. Smile and show your personality! Curvy Kate want to see that you're comfortable in your own skin and that you're having a ball posing in your undies! If you're not, then maybe Star In A Bra isn't for you.

Here's one of my original entry photos I submitted last year

The Highs
For me, entering Star In A Bra has made me happier and more confident about the way I look. It also enabled me to become friends with a fabulous group of busty ladies, including fellow top 10 beauties Georgina Horne, Astrid Lopez, Lizzie Haines, 'The Hot Blonde One' and Amanda Navin. We are all part of a wider on line community who help each other find bras and clothes to fit our curves. We're all different shapes and sizes, each have our own hang ups but we're all proud of what our mammas gave us!

I've since done a few unpaid modelling jobs for my local newspaper, The Sentinel, so although being in the competition hasn't given me any financial gain, I've enjoyed the shoots and seeing the results.

Even if you don't make it through to the top 30, you'll more than likely find it quite liberating and even just taking the photos will give your body confidence a real boost!

I'm so glad I entered and have no regrets about it. It was a wonderful experience and I've had a blast ever since! All the highs and lows are totally worth it because at the end of the day, you've had the balls to enter!

The Lows
It's worth knowing what kind of issues you might encounter if you get through to the top 30. I can only speak from personal experience and each girl had a different experience.

1. The biggest hurdle is breaking it to your friends, family, workmates and/or partner that you've been chosen to face a public vote wearing nothing but your undies! This can be difficult, especially if you didn't tell them you were entering. Don't be put off by this, I found that everyone was supportive and proud. Don't try to keep it a secret, you'll need all the votes and support you can get. I was lucky enough to have a work colleague who was in contact with the local paper because she dealt with our marketing, so she contacted them to get me some more publicity that way.

2. You WILL get lots of male attention, whether you like it or not, including sexually explicit messages! I know a few of the other girls blocked incoming messages to their facebook accounts, or set up a second profile. I still receive friend requests every few days from men who have seen me on line as a result of Star In A Bra.

3. You may get some negativity. Personally I had someone say I wasn't representing the competition well as I said I'd lost weight. The way I see it is that I lost weight because I personally felt I needed to, and made myself happier with my appearance. If I was still the same weight I would have been not so happy, and would never have even considered entering the competition. It's a personal thing. If you're happy with your own body then fantastic. I was in awe of the variety of shapes and sizes in the top 10, It was fabulous and inspiring! The other negativity I got was from one person who'd set up a fake Facebook accouint, seemingly to harrass me by sending me messages calling me fat. I blocked them. I can guarantee that you'll get a lot more positivity from being in the competition than negativity!

4. If you're lucky enough to find yourself t's hard work. It really is. I found it exhausting trying to put myself out there whilst working a full time job. On my lunch hour I'd go around shops, leaving posters with tear off strips with them, bits of paper with my name and where to vote scattered around in public loos, changing rooms, amongst other leaflets. Then when I got home from work, I'd spend hours finding suitable facebook groups to join and post my link on anything from Quagmire fans (giggidy!) to Jessica Rabbit fans and everything in between! You kind of feel like you're selling your soul to the devil but it's all neccessary to win votes. For the top 10 vote I created this 'campaign poster' too!

And Finally...
So I think that's everything you need to know about entering Star In A Bra 2012! Unfortunately there can only be one winner. Don't be disappointed wherever you end up in the competition. You've done something amazing just by entering! If there's anything else you'd like to know, just ask!

Submissions close on March 16th.

Good Luck Ladies!

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