Thursday, 16 June 2011

Debenhams Disasters and Delights!

As always, I ended up in Debenhams lingerie department last week. I noticed they have a few nice new bras in, so I gave them a whirl, leaving my boyfriend, yet again, aimlessly andering around the reast of the store. Bless.

Bra numero uno: Gorgeous Black Spot Balcony Bra, Currently in the 30% off offer at £17.60, usual price £22.
As always, I tried this in a 30G, and had no problems with the typically snug Debenhams band. The problem was in the straps, that are stretchy and too long. I know this can be rectified in a few minutes with a needle and thread, but it's still annoying, nonetheless. See how, in the second photo, the uplift of the breast is acheived by simply shortening the straps? his is something I have always had issues with sadly.

Second up, we have the Gorgeous (VERY fitting in this case) Ivory Ribbon Detail Balcony Bra £16 currently, usually £20. 
Oh my....I LOVE the styling of this bra, contrasting colours and ribbons are my favourite! The fit is fine, again in a 30G. I'm quite tempted to buy this one, but yet again, the straps are too long! I want uplift, damnit!

Thirdly, I found this on the sale rack at just £7.20. It's a Wonderbra, and I think it's model name is 'Dream'. It's not on the Debenhams website, so check Ebay if you like it, or here.
This one is a typical balcony bra, with excellent uplift, a snug fitting band, and giving a pretty good forward projection which sits well under clothes. It gives a very flattering shape and makes you look slimmer too, whic is always a bonus! I'm sure if you have more top heavy boobs, you will get an epic cleavage too!
I purchased this one (manily due to the price) and it's nice as an everyday bra, although the underwires do sit quite far into the armpits. Ideal id you tend to get a lot of sideboob, but does tend to rub a little. Not enough to stop me seeking it out in white though!

Last up for this blog, The Gorgeous Black Sports Bra £17.60 at the moment, usually £22.
I wasn't expecting much from this, with it being an 'own brand' sports bra, but I must admit, it was pretty supportive! The ONLY issue I had was that the 'cups' (can I call the front area that??) were a bit small. They could have done with being a tad bigger, offering a bit more coverage under the arms to encase any sideboob. I tried this in my usual size of 30G.
If you're looking for a sports bra, certainly at least try this one on!

I know a lot of you busty girls out there avoid places like M&S and Debenhams, but I strongly suggest you don't entirely rule them out. Don't forget Debenhams also stock other big boob brands such as Freya, Fantasie and Panache!

Thanks for reading Gorgeous ;) x


  1. After reading this, I'd just like to point a few things out.
    Firstly, I think you need a bra fit, or next time you in a store trying bras on ask for some advice.
    You seem to think your the same size in all bras, your not. No one is. Every bra is different.
    Every style, brand, season. They all fit differently.

    Also, looking at you pictures, you talk about the straps, unfortunately, if your a short person, you have to shop many for fully adjustable straps, like the black balcony in the 3rd pic. I myself have the same trouble. (I'm 5'2) Half adjustable straps are made for those of average height, and so will not always fit very will or keep taught for long.

    Secondly, you don't wear your normal size with a sports bra, they're designed to be incredibly tight. Again relating to what I've said above, your not always the same size in every bra.
    You would probably need a bigger back size to make the back less tight and make more room for your cups.

    Lastly, a bra with under-wires right under your armpit is a bra what doesn't fit.
    The under-wires should sit in line with your armpit, supporting the bust. If you have a lot of side boob and are quite top heavy- in your breasts. A side panel bra can sort the problem out and give an amazing looking bust.

    I would like to note I've been bra fitting for 5 years and am not trying to be nasty.Finding a good a bra is a frustrating business and a lot of it is trail and error. Knowing the product and how it fits is half the battle. Please don't be afraid to talk to us next time your bra shopping.

    1. Hi Zoe, thank you for taking the time to comment on my blog. As you may have noticed,this post is over a year old and my size has changed since then. I'm now a 28GG/H and was fitted in Bravissimo, who in mine and many other women's opinions give a much more accurate fitting service than those such as Marks & Spencer and Debenhams.

      While I agree with your points about different bras, whether it be brand or style, fitting in different ways and sizes and that fully adjustable straps are the only ones that seem to be suitable for shorter women like ourselves, I think we will beg to differ on your other points.

    2. If you read Kelly's blog often, and look further than just this one post, you would know she does try many different sizes and styles, and usually finds one that fits her perfectly.
      Also, you seem to contradict yourself a lot.

  2. Pfft. Not only, judging by that comment, must your customer service be terrible but also some of the things you state are just wrong. You DO wear your size in sports bras, I have 2 or 3 in my usual size of 30G from Shock Absorber which fit perfectly. And the underwire comment, that has little to do with size, it's the shape of the bra and cup. Plus, most of my bras reach around my body further than my armpit because bras should encapsulate the whole breast and shouldn't dig into it. Hence the underwires should not sit in line with the armpit, they should sit slightly past it. That's a feature of the bra (high wires at the sides) not the size. Lastly, Kelly never said she was the same size in all bras, but knowing somewhere to start from is a good attitude to have.