Thursday 16 June 2011

Fitting Faux Pas and Bikini Bloopers!

There is a rather infamous battle of bra fitting that has constantly been raging for quite a few years now, so I thought I'd give it a quick mention, as it is linked to the bikini half of my blog. The old school method is to add 4-5 inches to the actualy underbust measurement, which I'm sure is where all this 'blah blah % of all women are wearing the wrong bra size' thing comes from. I've only recently (in the past 3 months maybe) discovered that instead of the 32G I was wearing, my 'real' size is 30G. 

For my fitting I went to Bravissimo, who fit you by eye based on the bra you're wearing. To be honest, even I don't practise what I preach entirely, as my underbust measurement is pretty much 28", so I should really be trying 28 backs. The 30 backs I have seem nice and snug, so I'll stick with them for now. I'm aware that this may just be a manufacturer issue... 

It was clear from my Star In A Bra entry photos (32G) that I was wearing the wrong size, even a MAN commented on this! Surely this is proof enough that the old method is wrong?! Here's a photo of me wearing a 32 back size.Not the best picture to demonstrate this, but you just about see that the bra sits away from my chest at the gore (the centre of the bra, between the cups). This means that all the support comes from the straps, causing pain, red marks and cutting in on the shoulder muscles.

So, according to some online calculators I come up as anything from a 32E to a 34E, and many sizes besides. With this in mind, I decided to try on  a few bikinis from New Look's range by Kelly Brook.

Firstly, a very cute black and white gingham number in a 32E. I don't really need to say much about this, I think the photos say it all...The only plus side is that the cups are big enough. Stringy straps=ouch!

Next I tried a 34E swimsuit. Unflattering, badly fitting. I am NOT a 34! Maybe if I tied the 'bra strap' back instead of using the fastener....?

Lastly, I adore the fabric and ruffles on this last one, again a 34E. Cups on the large side, same with the back.

My biggest point to make with these bikinis is WHY do they have shoestring straps??? Fine for smaller cup sizes but I'm thinking cheesewire for heavier boobs....

Thanks for reading, as always x

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