Sunday 29 May 2011

Curvy Kate Tease Me

I just wanted to post this one very quickly before I go to bed. Curvy Kate's Tease Me set in Black/Emerald. It's GORGEOUS!

Any girls thinking of buying this need to bear a few points in mind; Always size down with the band (I'm a 30G and had to buy a 28H in this and the Thrill Me), size up in the pants for a more flattering fit (I'm wearing a size 16 here, and I wear 10-12 jeans/trousers), and lastly try to resist the urge to leave the house wearing nothing but this set as you may be arrested for crimes of pure hotness!!

The only problem I found was it dug in my armpits a little, but I didn't wear it for long enough to establish whether or not it was just how I was sitting/standing to take the photos. I'm interested to see what it looks like underneath clothes too.

Anyway, enjoy the montage!
Mwah and goodnight! xxx

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