Thursday 24 March 2011

Cheryl Warner: Invest In Your Chest!

Re: Cheyl Warner's fabulous new blog here:

I totally agree with the importance of a good fit! Too many times have I purchased what I thought was my size, only to find that after a few hours, I have overspill/digging in under the arms, loose band, etc…

Have you ever had a fitting experience that hasn’t gone in the following way:

1.The fitter asks which size you usually wear.
2. The fitter measures you
3. The fitter tells you “well, you’re coming up as a (e.g) 34DD but you’re obviously not”.
4. They bring in a variety of bras, one in the size you measured at, the rest in the size you usually wear!

I must admit, I’ve not found *too* much of an issue finding nice bras to fit over the past 5 years or so, but my issues are more concerning little niggly things, like the cups starting too close to the armpits, causing rubbing, the straps being far too long-let’s face it, if you’re a 28FF, you’re going to be of a petite build.
I read on a poster in a fitting room saying that this particular company fits their bras on at least 8 people before sending out to the production line. 8 is NOT enough! They need at least a few women in each SIZE before approving!

Rant over ;)

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