Friday 2 December 2016

Timeless Trends Emerald Cincher of DREAMS!!

Ever since I heard that the all-knowing corsetry goddess Lucy's Corsetry helped design a range for American corsetry brand Timeless Trends last year, I've been coveting one of their gorgeous Emerald waist cinchers. I mean, c'mon, LOOK AT IT!

I almost peed myself with joy when they contacted me asking if I'd like to choose a corset to review, so naturally I went with the Emerald waist cincher ($89) that I've wanting for aaaaaages. I ordered a 20" for my 26.5" waist, the same size I wear in What Katie Did and Orchard Corset styles.

When the cincher arrived I was delighted! It was so pretty with its brocade panels and green ribbon lacing the back. I tried it on but I had a HUGE gap in the back, and because this corset doesn't have a modesty panel, you get the bunched up skin in the back if you're wearing it as underwear, which I don't personally like. Despite this, since its an hourglass cut, the corset gave me a great shape and really nipped in my waist without too much bulge underneath as it's cut for bigger hips. I wasn't happy with the gap though so I exchanged for a 22" and to be honest, there's not a *lot* of difference between the two, as seen in the following two photos. I think I could easily wear anything from a 20"-24" with varying gaps at the back of course. This isn't necessarily a bad thing as it gives more options if sizes are out of stock!



So, let's talk more about the shape. I'm what you would call an 'extreme hourglass' as my hips are over 10" bigger than my waist, so finding off the rack (OTR) corsets to fit well can be quite tricky. Thankfully more and more corset makers are becoming aware of this and Timeless Trends offer one of, if not THE best range for an hourglass shape.

This corset is classed as a cincher, but for those with shorter torsos like myself, it works well as a standard underbust corset. The front busk measures 8.25", side length 6.25", back 9.5", meaning it is nice and short, allowing more feedom of movement than a regular length underbust corset, ideal for everyday waist training. It is not recommended to wear this shape if you happen to have a bit of a tum and it won't cover your 'pooch', but can be worn by those with short or tall torsos, and of course, anything in between.

The corset ties at the back with matching emerald green ribbon and doesn't have a modesty panel as mentioned previously. It has alternating panels of emerald green satin and Asian inspired emerald and gold brocade, which looks stunning both as an accent to an outfit or with lingerie. I had a bit of fun when shooting this corset and teamed it up with a vintage kimono I picked up on Etsy and also a Frida Kahlo inspired look with a vintage embroidered top and red swing skirt.

Having worn this corset for a day I must admit it did cause a bit of discomfort in the form of long lasting (4 days!) redness on my skin at the top and bottom of the corset. Yes, it's my own stupid fault for not wearing a corset liner, I know! I'm wondering if the fabric contains something that I have a slight allergy to perhaps, but with this being said, it's no reason not to buy this beautiful piece, as corsets aren't really meant to be worn against bare skin anyway.

I'm a huge fan of this corset and can't wait to break it in as I think it may well end up being a favourite in my collection. I highly recommend taking a look at Timeless Trends as they've been working with some big names in the world of corsetry, and this can only mean even greater things are to come!

As always, thanks for reading and thanks for your patience with my LONG waits between posts! 

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