Wednesday, 22 July 2015

Happy Birthday Curvy Kate!

This week I received a lovely treat from the team at Curvy Kate; a lingerie cookie set to celebrate their 6th birthday!

Its thanks to Curvy Kate that I started my blog. Back in 2011 I was a finalist in their Star In A Bra competition to find a new face and body for the brand for the following year. As you may or may not know, I didn't win, but my new found confidence led me to create this blog. I never thought I'd end up online in my undies but here we are!

The Star In A Bra 2011 Top Ten

One of my Star In A Bra professional shots

Not sure why they said I was a 32G...?

So thank you Curvy Kate for running modelling competitions that use your average 'Jo Public', for providing us busty girls with beautiful lingerie and for including 28 bands!

Happy Birthday!

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