Thursday 12 February 2015

One Ticked Off The Bucket List; My Photoshoot with My Boudoir


Back in 2011 during my time in the Curvy Kate Star In A Bra competition I said if I got into the top 10 I'd buy a floor length red sequinned strapless gown and have a photoshoot as curvy cartoon icon Jessica Rabbit. I eventually bought the dress and occasionally tried it on, dreaming about one day being transformed into Ms Rabbit. 

A few years ago one particular photographer, My Boudoir caught my attention after Georgina of FullerFigureFullerBust shot with them. Their images are stunning, capturing the beauty of each and every subject to a tee. My Boudoir is a 3 woman team; two make-up artists (Sarah and Michelle) and Nicola. Last year My Boudoir ran a competition looking for a muse and if you're a regular reader you'll know I made it into the final selection. Sadly I missed out on being selected for a shoot, but Nicola very kindly gave the runners up a £50 voucher towards a shoot and I finally bit the bullet and used mine last week!

My day began at home having booked the day of work to prepare. I had a long bath to relax and remove any trace of stubble to look as flawless as I could possibly manage for my shoot. I packed my bag and before I knew it my boyfriend was at my door ready to whisk me up the M6 to Ramsbottom. 

At Nicola's door I was greeted with another beautiful lady getting the last of her hair and make-up tweaked by Sarah and Nicola's sweet little French Bulldogs Stan and Norman. I was even given an antihistamine as I mentioned I'm allergic to short haired dogs so I could cuddle them without having to worry about having a skin flare up! Those ladies look after you, believe me!

I had the pleasure of having my look perfected by Sarah, and found myself convinced she studied at Hogwarts Beauty School of Hair Witchcraft and Make up Wizardry! Honestly, that woman is a genius! I've never seen myself look so good (even if I do say so myself)! I was then whisked upstairs to Nicola's bedroom (AKA her studio) and helped into my outfit. Nicola promptly snapped away, posing me as she saw fit. I then gotout of my Jessica Rabbit outfit and into my birthday suit for a couple of 'implied nudes', one of which I was posed beneath a dusky lilac ostrich feather fan, which I knew would turn out spectacularly.

So without further ado, my photos! I've spared you my butt crack and opted for the shot that Nicola so kindly cropped for me.

I consider My Boudoir to be the gold standard of Boudoir photography. I've perused numerous other photographers but none cut the mustard quite like Nicola! Yes, she edits the images but I don't have an issue with this as I see it as a final polish. It's not like I'm being made to not look like me anymore like some other editors do.

My Boudoir's make over and photoshoot packages start at £300. Keep an eye out for special shoot day offers by following their Facebook page.

So that's one thing checked off my bucket list! 
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