Wednesday 3 December 2014

Tutti Rouge's feline fancies

When Tutti Rouge contacted me asking if I'd like to review their aptly named Kitty set for them I almost snapped their hand off as this set is truly stunning!

The luxurious satin/lace Kitty comes in a bright pink/magenta and mysterious Liberty blue. I initially wanted the Liberty blue but it was out of stock in my size so I opted for the pink/magenta, and once it arrived I didn't regret my decision one bit!

The Kitty bra is a half padded balconette with satin and lace top cup. As with all Tutti Rouge bras, the adjustable sliders are heart shaped and the brand name is embossed on the back. A new addition to those little details that put Tutti Rouge aside from other brands is the little tag reminding you to check your breasts! It's nice to see that a number of lingerie brands are now working with breast cancer charity Coppafeel, check them out here.

Disclaimer; As I always say, it may well be my boobs that don't work with whatever I'm reviewing rather than the bra itself being at fault. So please don't be put off by my minor gripes I'm about to describe!

So the fit: I really struggle with Tutti Rouge. I don't know what it is that makes my boobs not work with them but they just don't particularly well, and the Kitty (£32) is no exception. I'm a big fan of round, forward projection when it comes to my boobs, which isn't ever going to happen in a balcony bra on me. I feel Kitty gives me a bit of an east/west fit, and the pattern would benefit from a little more structure at the outer sides of the cups to encourage forward projection. My other mini moan is the straps. Please, Tutti, I beg you to make them FULLY adjustable! I have petite shoulders so I face a constant battle with dresses and bra straps so I need them to be adjustable.

On the plus side, it's not too bad a fit! I went for my 'usual' size of a 28GG so Kitty is very much true to size. The band is nice and snug, just how it should be. The straps, as I've said, are too long, and I will be shortening them to get a bit more support as I feel it's sitting like a strapless bra at the moment.

Again, it's those little details that win me over! That eyelash lace on the upper cups, the contrasting purple ribbon with offset pink rose, the little roses on the base of the straps, oh my!

I was also sent the Kitty Skirty Short (£16) in a medium which is perfect on my 40" hips. As  much as I love these I found the skirt part was difficult to get right, but I think on someone with a smaller backside it would sit properly! The front centre is finished off with a purple bow with offset pink rose like on the bra and a two roses on the back. The back is full coverage mesh, and as always, no photos of my sheerly covered rear end!

The Kitty Brazilian (£15) I was sent worked much better on me. Again in a medium, and again with the same details. I much prefer this style. I love how the lace back hugs by butt cheeks! These are some seriously pretty pants!

So, You're probably wondering how the set looks on me. Here goes, unedited and gratuitous as always!

Kitty bra and Brazilian

Kitty bra and Skirty Short

Kitty bra and Skirty Short

Kitty bra and Skirty Short

Kitty bra and Brazilian

The Kitty set also features an awesome suspender belt(17.50) which hasn't yet been released, so if you love the set, keep an eye out for it in the future.

The Kitty bra is available in sizes 28-38 D-HH and the Brazilian and Skirty Shorts in sizes XS-XXL.

All in all I love this set. It's up there in my top 5 most beautiful sets I own for sure! Tutti Rouge are certainly one of, if not THE most aesthetically pleasing lingerie brands catering for bigger cups. Who are your favourite brands for looking great?

*please don't steal my photos without my permission (unless you're Tutti Rouge!). I don't watermark them because I don't want pervs coming to my blog to steal my pics for misuse*

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