Wednesday 13 November 2013

My love for Morticia

Widely tipped as being THE corset to own, the best selling Morticia underbust corset by What Katie Did has been firmly wedged on my wish list for quite some time now. With it's gored hips and extreme wasp waist, the Morticia is recommended for those who possess a 'vintage' hourglass figure with a large difference between the waist and hip measurements, preferably 10 inches or more.

A few months ago I came across one on eBay for £100, £59 below the RRP, so I went ahead and bought it. I went for the 22" as my 25" waist sits awkwardly between sizes 20" and 22". Sadly, when it arrived, it was too big and the gap at the back of the corset was fully closed, offering no potential for waist training or reduction. This was a very sad day for me because as soon as I'd unwrapped the pretty peach corset, I'd fallen in love with it instantly.

As you can see from the photos, the colour married beautifully with my icy blue Masquerade Rhea (Bravissimo exclusive colour way, no longer available) set. Despite the corset being too big, I still felt it had given me some shape at least, but I couldn't justify spending that amount of money on something that wasn't absolutely perfect.

I continued to search eBay on at least a weekly basis for a Morticia in a 20", then lo and behold, last week, there she was! Admittedly not in the beautiful peach of my previous purchase nor the super practical black I coveted, but in white satin. I was willing to overlook the Colorado on account of the price, just £60! The seller was only asking this amount because it was being sold without laces, something I managed to pick up for £4 from another eBay seller. So for the grand total of £70 including postage and laces, I became the very happy and proud owner of a brand new sparkling white Morticia!

As soon as she arrived, I unwrapped her; the seller had placed her in silver tissue paper inside a leopard print carrier bag, which added to the enjoyment of purchasing such an item of luxury. I took my laces and set to work with the aid of thisYouTube video to help me properly lace up my new baby. With a little tugging and adjustment, she was on, and boy was I impressed! Instant reduction, instant Jessica Rabbit curves! BAM!

     Of course, corseting with an off-the-shelf number can come with its problems, and for me it was a slight discomfort of my floating ribs (the very bottom set). However, I'm pretty certain that given proper waist training I could overcome this quite easily. My problem is that I want it all and now, so in the photo I'd laced it up as tight as I could to see what kind of reduction I could gain. I'm pretty sure you'll agree that it's rather impressive! Here's the back;

You can really feel the quality of the Morticia, and the structure is quite a feat of engineering. Somehow the Morticia has that perfect balance between hardcore structuring and slightly pliable comfort. Perfection!

I'm wearing Morticia with Curvy Kate's Tease Me set, available in a variety of colours from Brastop.

I adore the figure corsets give me and I'm more than tempted to give waist training a try, but for now I'm happy to just get my Morticia out whenever I need a reminder of exactly how awesome I can look with a little help! 

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