Thursday 7 March 2013

The Nautical Spot 'must-have' dress from Pepperberry

It was love at first sight. The polka dots, the cut, the contract piping. I had to have it! Pepperberry's Nautical Spot dress was everything I wanted, but at £59 (+£3.95 delivery) I was reluctant to jump in feet first, so I kept leaving it and leaving it until I needed some well deserved retail therapy. Believe me, when I say need, I really mean it. Isn't it cute?

I own Pepperberry clothes in both 8C and 8RC (see their size guide here) so I wasn't sure which size to order, but my mind was made up by the fact that they didn't have any 8RCs in stock! 

The 8C arrived a few days later and the jury was out on the fit. It wasn't spot on but was close. The bustline seemed to be pulling a little and the waistband was maybe an inch on the large side. I decided to try it again a few days later and make my mind up then. In the meantime I noticed the 8RC in stock, so I ordered it and received an email from Pepperberry saying they wouldn't charge for postage as it was apparent I was ordering for size comparison.Very kind! The 8RC was too big in both the bust and waist! Here are the two side by side. The 8RC isn't too flattering is it?

Since my battery was running low, I only had the chance to take a very quick photo of the dress in full. I added a white bow belt I bought from Ebay (as always, it was very cheap from a Chinese seller). It would make the ideal spring/summer dress and the neckline is not exceptionally low, making it ideal for work too. It's a style that will last season after season, especially if you're like me and will always wear vintage styles, regardless to whether they're in fashion or not.

Have you tried Pepperberry? What did you think?

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