Monday, 19 November 2012

Lady V's Latest Offfering: The Wiggle Dress

As you may have realised by my previous posts, I LOVE Lady V London's dresses. Recently on their Facebook page they announced the arrival of the new Wiggle dresses, a prospect that filled me with sheer joy!

The Lady V Wiggle dress comes in 7 colours and 3 different prints in sizes 8-20/22. It costs £40, or £30-£40 at the time of writing this since it's on offer. I opted for the Red/White Polka Dot and the White/Black Polka Dot as they popped out to me most. As for the sizes, my measurements are; bust 36", waist 26.5, hips 38" so I ordered sizes 8 and 10 in both colours to ensure I didn't miss out on the introductory offer. Here's the size chart for this particular dress:

Two days later a pink package arrived containing the lovely dresses! My first observation was that the red isn't a bright poppy red but more of a wine red, which isn't what I was expecting, but is really nice nonetheless. The dresses are of a nice quality and don't feel like they'd fall apart or lose their shape easily. 

The fabric of the skirt part is quite a thick, quality stretch cotton/elastane mix and designed to cling to your curves, but does seem to be prone to creasing. The top part (the patterned bit) is made from a non-stretch viscose so I wasn't sure how the fit would work out on a fuller bust. The other design feature I was worried about was the 'apex' between the bust, which creates a kind of cupped dress. I've always steered clear of this sort of feature as all women have differently sized boobs, so I think a lot of women might not look quite right in these dresses as a result. A more preferable design in my opinion would be to have a high waisted design without the bit between the boobs. Something like this. I've added the collar and bow using my amazing MS Paint skills, but you get the idea! The original dress is from Ebay, apologies but I can't find the listing now!

The 'apex'

As I said before, I ordered both size 8s and 10s to try and find the perfect fit. The 8 fitted better in the body, if not a little more snug than I feel comfortable in but the top part of the dress was too small, hence the mega cleavage. The 10 was perfect at the top but too big at the bottom, which you can clearly see in the photos below. This problem could easily have be solved by a minor and relatively simple alteration.  

The one thing I noticed when I laid them flat was how 'hippy' these dresses are, making them ideal for those curvier ladies who don't go straight up and down. If I were to have kept one, it definitely would have been the white/black polka dot dress in a 10 and have it tailored to fit.

White/Black Polka Dot:

Red/White Polka Dot:

Be warned, the plunging neckline is not for the faint of heart and exposes lots of skin (and cleavage if you're busty). You'll need to wear a balcony bra, such as Curvy Kate's Tease Me or Masquerade's Rhea for the bra not to be seen. In my photos I'm wearing a Freya Deco plunge bra that I had to fold to make the cups less visible (you can see them in the red dress) and a shapewear 'Wear Your Own Bra' (WYOB) slip from Primark's Secret Possessions range to smooth out my silhouette.

I love the pin up style of the wiggle dress and the fact that it has a wide collared neckline, polka dot pattern, high waist and a bow really pushes my buttons. The 'apex' I discussed is something I would normally have overlooked for such a nice dress but I can't really afford another at the moment, so I've had to send them all back, sorry Lady V...I'll always accept gifts y'know ;)

So ladies, what do you think? 


  1. Totally loving these wigglies! <3
    Might have to order one very soon.
    Thankies for posting ^^v

  2. Love the look of the dress, but the apex bust thing would drive me batty.

  3. Thanks for the review - I love my Lady V swing dresses, and was tempted by a wiggle. Good to know how they work out in real life

    1. They're worth a try, such a nice design. I have far too many of their swing dresses now!

  4. Honey you are very lovely in that ladies clothing. Nice curves.

  5. I have to admire your design skills. Your preferable high-waisted design with added collar and bow would be lovely. Lady V London's dresses all have a pretty look. Perhaps you'll see one in the future that has both a look and price such that you just can't resist having it custom tailored for your lovely figure. You look fantastic in your Freya Deco plunge bra and Primark WYOB slip. Your stunning figure would instantly make any Lady V dress a pinup dress. Your customer lingerie reviews of bras are great! As you know, my own lingerie fashionista customer lingerie reviews are of high-waisted knickers concentrating on how they fit, feel and look on the bottom. It would not surprise me if eventually we both review the same brand - you reviewing th bra and me reviewing the high-waisted knickers. P.S.: Thank you for following back at your Twitter, @LeCurvyKitten!!!

    1. Thanks again for reading. Lady V actually let me keep one of these dresses and had it altered for me but I'm yet to wear it.

  6. P.P.S.: I would think that any designers and retailers who could come up with pretty fashions/lingerie that could fit your wonderfully curvy figure would be thrilled if you liked and modeled their haute couture. I love your blog and reviews - my own most recent one (since my last comment) was titled: "Customer Lingerie Review: Chantelle 'C Magnifique' Full Brief Panties". I hope you feel better soon and ignore the rotter(s) - you have my best belated post Valentine's wishes - chin up for London Fashion Week! :)

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      Hope you had the greatest time living it up!!
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