Thursday 12 January 2012

Dolores, Dolores, let down your hair....

Just before Christmas I'm ashamed to say binged on Collectif dresses and tops. They were running a 40% off sale at the time, so that's how I justified it! The style in question is my favourite 'Dolores'. All prices featured in this post are correct at the time of publishing. For size reference everything here is a size 8.

The cut of the Dolores with it's ruched centre and sweetheart neckline means that you get a sensational cleavage and room for the girls too. The sleeves are puffed, giving the Dolores a distinctive gypsy style. The Dolores range features tops, flared dresses and tops made from stretch cotton to hug your curves in sizes 8-22, and come in a huge range of kitsch patterned and plain fabrics.

L-R: Dolores fitted Cherry Stem dress (with and without cardigan), £45

Above is the Dolores doll dress in navy polka dot, £50. I wanted to show a few different looks with this one, as I think it's pretty versatile and can be worn for shopping on a summery day or for a big night out. In the third photo I'm wearing a fabulous red puffy Lola petticoat, £39, which adds volume, drama and a splash of colour as you move in this amazing dress.

Now for the tops!

The first photo is the Dolores feral leo top, £25. My god do I LOVE this top?! Again, it can be worn casually with jeans (mine are high-waisted and from Primark), or it could be dressed up with a pencil skirt for a sexy night out! The second photo shows the Dolores top in black, £25. Again, this could be dressed up or down and is a good staple for any wardrobe. I also got this in white for the same purpose.

Collectif is my favourite place to buy 50's style clothing. Their prices are reasonable, and their clothes are beautiful. I particularly like how they have a basic range of shapes, then simply change the fabrics they use each season, ensuring you'll always have your favourite shape to come back to. If you love 50's styling, you'll love Collectif!

Mwah! Thanks for reading lovelies! x

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