Thursday, 19 January 2012

Any publicity is good publicity....Or is it?

When I won Brastop's Model of the Month December competition, I immediately contacted my local paper, The Sentinel, to generate a bit of publicity for Brastop and the competition. I went to speak to a reporter, who asked a few questions, then met a photographer for lots of fun shots with my bag of bras I took with me, including Curvy Kate, Ewa Michalak and Freya. I'm hoping to get some of these photos to use here on my blog, so keep your eyes peeled.

Now....I have some issues to say the least with the article...Hmmm....32G? I haven't worn a 32G since before my diet, which was about 18 months ago! I told the reported that I was a 28GG and she looked shocked, so I went on to say that women are often scared of bigger cups and that they shouldn't be, because if they went for a proper fitting then they would probably BE in the cup sizes they're so scared of. It seems that the reporter didn't listen to me and added 4 inches to my band size *RAGE*, as so many fitters and online calculators do. 

The other issue is that they mentioned I'd been buying Brastop's magazine for a year, which is also untrue. The Brastop magazine, which can be read online here, is free and sent out to customers. It hasn't been running for a year either! Also, the prizes listed in the article aren't 'runner-up prizes', they are prizes for winning the Model of the Month competition. 

It's all so wrong...I wanted to set the record straight here, just so you know the truth!

Note to reporters: LISTEN TO YOUR SUBJECT!


  1. That's terrible that she would just change your bra size like that... it continues the cycle of keeping people misinformed about sizing! I wonder if reporters tend to do that with movie stars too, and that's one reason why the "listed" bra sizes of movie stars almost always seem so far off.
    Congrats on your win, by the way! :)

    1. Thank you Christine!

      Now you mention it, maybe that's what happens with the likes of Christina Hendricks and Katy Perry. Katy may well be sitting at home reading the paper, screaming "I'm NOT A 32D!!!" I did email the newsdesk to let them know of their errors and why it was important to me, but I've not heard anything from them.

    2. I love the idea of Katy Perry screaming at the paper!

      Well, I'm sorry that they got it all wrong.
      Maybe some UK based bloggers should write some letters to the paper ;)
      32G... it would be just floating around you *nonono*

    3. I've emailed them about their error and they ignored me!

    4. Maybe more of us should mail them? Just, if it really bums you out, I'm sure you would find some support here in the bra-community. :)

    5. It only bums me out because it gives people an unrealistic idea about bra sizes. Really, if I wore a 32G my boobs would be hanging out under the band and the cups would swamp me too! Shame on them!

  2. First, congratulations on having won Brastop's Model of the Month competition in December! If you were so inclined you could always make a short YouTube video explaining the paper's error and the importance of proper bra fitting. Do you have a YouTube channel where you upload videos modeling and reviewing lingerie? I uploaded a few videos male-modeling women's full briefs at Mister Panty Buns's Channel but not within the last year even though I bought many different brands, colours and tops to model them with. I'm very tardy. It must be frustrating to get publicity but have it be erroneous. The WORST part to me is the "runner -up". Best of luck with your lingerie modeling fame!