Thursday, 16 June 2011

Thrill Me, Tease Me.....

Apologies for the numerous blogs today, I have lots of photos from various trying on occasions I wanted to share!

This time, it's the turn of Curvy Kate, yet again! Following my stint in this years' Star In A Bra competition, I've become quite fond of the brand and their ruffly, luxurious, sexy designs, although I must admit, I've not ventured beyond the Showgirl range. I always buy from Brastop, as they offer a good range for good prices, and almost always have different offers on.

A quick point to add is that the sizes of the Thrill Me and Tease me bras are slightly off. I usually wear a 30G, but in both these styles I need a 28H. So it's down a back size, up one or even two cup sizes. My tip is to buy from a retailer with a no quibble returns policy, such as Brastop.

This, my darlings, is the Tease Me in Purple/Black. Size 28H, size 16 shorts. I LOVE it! I also have this in Emerald/Black. I've still not worn it during the day yet, but I've heard they are really comfortable. I love the fact it has bows, ruffles and suspender clips and goes right up to a J cup! Other women get an epic cleavage from this, sadly, I don't, but that's simply due to my breasts being bottom heavy. If you're a DD cup or above, then BUY THIS!

The next set featured is the Thrill Me in Ivory/Black. 28H/16. Again, ruffles and bows sold this for me, although I'm not entirely convinced the ruffles on the edge of the cups will sit well beneath clothes. I'm exchanging the shorts for a size 18 as they seem pretty snug and give me a bit of a muffin top, but the thong in a 16 is perfect and oh-so cute!

 The third set I ordered was the Ella in black/multi, in 30G, size 16 shorts. I ordered this as I wanted to try an unpadded bra for a change, but I've since returned it, as I know I won't wear it! The fit was ok, perhaps a little smaller than comfortable in the cups, and the shorts were HUGE as you can probably tell! I'd recommend going down by one or two sizes in these. If you like unpadded bras, then the Ella offers excellent support and is very pretty, reminding me of bright fireworks exploding against a dark sky. Just lovely!

So there we have it, another Curvy Kate review done! Before I go, Take a look at the newly released brochure for Curvy Kate's Spring Summer 2012 range. You may see a familiar face on page 27 ;)


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  2. I LOVE the ruffles on both the Curvy Kate Tease Me knickers in purple/black and the Curvy Kate Thrill Me shorts in ivory/black. They're so pretty and feminine! I think I will be remiss if I don't buy myself some.

  3. Hi, just found y your website, really into curvy girl blogs right now as they are helping me find confidence and underwear that fits! I noticed you have the exact same problem as me with certain bras, in fact its almost like we're twins in that respect. You said you can't get the Marie Antoinette ting going on with the Curvy Kates. I have this problem too and you say it is because your breasts are bottom heavy? Just wondered what you mean by this as I'm guessing mine must be too.