Thursday, 16 June 2011

Outlet Action!

I went to Cheshire Oaks designer outlet just outside Chester a few weeks ago and here's how my day went:

First up, I went into the Karen Millen outlet and tried on 3 dresses and a trench coat, as seen in the follwing photo. It was a size 10, and a very heavy fabric. The wasist was too big as you can see, the sleeves too long

Karen Millen dress no.1:
Size 10, and beautifully designed and made. The issue here is pretty obvious: Hello bra!

Dress no.2:
Again in a size 10, Karen Millen really cater for curves! I'm convinced their mirrors distort you though. I look like ones of those controversial Pepperberry models! I LOVE this dress! It comes with a detachable necklace thingy too, which, as you can see in the picture, fastens like a halterneck.

Dress no.3:
This one's a size 8 and too small! I wouldn't be able to sit down in this! Still, it's a nice style; cowl neck and pencil skirt combo.

Onto the bras! The outlet store was full to the brim of Wonderbras and Shock Absorbers, not too many in my size, so here are the ones a found:

This was a struggle! I tried on 3 different sizes in this Shock Absorber. The 30G didn't have enough cup coverage, I think the one in the photo might be this size (see the sideboob?), the 30GG was too big on the back, and the 28H was again a little small in the cup and a little tight on the band. The benefit of this bra is that it just looks like a crop top, so you'd be able to go for a run/work out without a t-shirt. This is the best sports bra I've tried on so far.

This next one, another Shock Absorber in a 30G was truly horrific! Fembot alert! I hate the way the straps sit across the collarbone, and the way my boobs look like cones. AWFUL! It may work for smaller cup sizes though, and my boobs didn't move an inch.

Lastly, I tried this wonderbra, in a 30G. Band too stretchy and therefore unsupportive, cups too small and just...not right....And as usual, the straps are too long.

The moral of the story is: Take a trip to your local outlet village, it's always worth a rummage!


  1. Hi Kelly!

    It's Laura, from Holland!
    I am totally amazed that you don't get more comments, 'cause according to me, you are brilliant!
    I just dug through your entire archive and read every post.
    Congrats on coming so far in the star in a bra competition, it looked like a fun day having the photoshoot, judging by the making of!
    I'll be back soon and I will be recommending this blog to some of my curvy friends.

    Love from Holland,


  2. I think I'm in love...;)
    Cheers from Brazil!

  3. Thank you Laura, I don't blog enough to get more comments I don't think. I should really put more effort in ;)

  4. you realise you're a local legend on right? :D

    You should post and get some great positive feeedback

  5. I have the first shock absorber you tried, and this one little piece of fabric is the ONLY reason I can run and have lost at least 5 pounds. I am a 34F.. and run in it with just some shorts all the time. What a huge confidence booster to feel comfortable in public like that. And why don't other bras have two back fasteners?! What an ingenious and supportive design. :)

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