Sunday, 29 May 2011

Curvy Kate Tease Me

I just wanted to post this one very quickly before I go to bed. Curvy Kate's Tease Me set in Black/Emerald. It's GORGEOUS!

Any girls thinking of buying this need to bear a few points in mind; Always size down with the band (I'm a 30G and had to buy a 28H in this and the Thrill Me), size up in the pants for a more flattering fit (I'm wearing a size 16 here, and I wear 10-12 jeans/trousers), and lastly try to resist the urge to leave the house wearing nothing but this set as you may be arrested for crimes of pure hotness!!

The only problem I found was it dug in my armpits a little, but I didn't wear it for long enough to establish whether or not it was just how I was sitting/standing to take the photos. I'm interested to see what it looks like underneath clothes too.

Anyway, enjoy the montage!
Mwah and goodnight! xxx


  1. Hottie McTottie! So how have you found it?X

  2. It's ACE! CK should make it in white with nude lace or something....

  3. You are absolutely stunning in this outfit. Your body is perfect in my eyes. Curvy = Beautiful.
    I saw your tumblr post and had to visit your blog. Great blog BTW. As a guy I find stereotypes a major turn off. You rule.

  4. I need this lingerie in my life! xx