Friday 25 February 2011

Please allow me to introduce myself....

Well....Hello there!

If anyone is actually reading this, well done for finding one in many millions of utterly pointless and dull blogs. Before I start blogging like there's no tomorrow, I'll tell you a bit more about myself first.

I'm Kelly, 29 (oh god, almost 30) from Stoke-On-Trent. I work as an optical assistant and Diabetic Retinopathy screener at a large independant opticians practice. I live with my parents after a failed attempt to move out 3 years ago. I've been with my boyfriend for 3 years, and we work together.

My 'babies' you may hear me talk about are my three Shih-Tzu's. I like to make things, crochet, draw, sew, make jewellery, stuff like that, in my spare time. And I like dolls. Yeah, dolls. Very expensive ones, not like Barbie or anything...

I don't do going out and getting drunk, possibly because I don't drink and the 'going out' scene in Stoke annoys me....Don't ask me why I don't drink and don't try to lecture me on how great it is to be staggering around the streets, falling onto passing policemen wearing 4 inch heels before throwing up on their shoes...No, I won't get off my high horse!

I like to dye my hair. It's been many shades of red over the past 12 months, so I imagine I have a pretty hefty hair dye review type blog coming up...

Final point, I hate lol, loooooool, lololololol and any other variant.

Enjoy :)

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