Sunday, 9 June 2013

My Tights Plight

You all know by now that I'm short and curvy, so it probably doesn't shock you to learn that I struggle to find tights that fit me properly. I have a drawer overflowing with tights from over the years, from tartan to polka dot, floral to plain, fishnet to heart print. Most of them I buy from everyones favourite high street store of cheapness, Primark, for the measly sum of £3.50 at the most. I love tights but I can rarely be bothered to find an outfit worthy of showcasing the more interesting ones to their full potential, not to mention the effort of wearing heels, which I always like to do with tights. When I do wear them though, I have disasters...

 Yes, on more than one occasion I've completely wrecked my tights with the size of my behind, ending up looking as though I'd been pawed at by a tiger. Embarrassing, no? 

I recently split my tights AGAIN, and was kindly sent four pairs by Pamela Mann, a hosiery company I've long admired for their on-trend fashion tights and classic staples. They said I could choose a few pairs, but not wanting to appear greedy, I chose two; black and white polka dot (£8.99) and small dogtooth print (£8.49), again in black and white. To my sheer joy (see what I did there?), a representative from Pamela Mann sent me a message to say she'd thrown in another two pairs, these sheer dotty tights in black and nude & black (£8.99 per pair). Pamela Mann tights are mostly 'one size' from 8-14 rather than Primark's sizing of s/m m/l so I was reluctant that they'd work for me. There are a number of styles that go right up to a size 32, so be sure to check them out if you are plus sized.

The lovely selection Pamela Mann sent to me

With the weather being so random of late, I've only just managed to try these tights out. We're currently having a warm spell, meaning I'm able to wear sheer tights rather than my usual trousers or thick, fleece-lined tights. Last week was a bit too hot for the polka dot and dogtooth tights, so I chose the sheer dotty ones instead, and managed to wear both pairs on consecutive days.

The first thing I noticed about the black pair was that they're a little long in the leg on me. I'm not sure if this is something to do with the black dye/fabric but the nude ones are perfect. What I really love about them is that they come up really high on my waist, helping guard against those dreaded lumps and bumps I normally get when wearing tights. I think this is down to the 'one size' rule, something I assumed would work against me. I haven't managed to snag the tights yet, which is quite a feat for me since I'm a little clumsy and certainly don't take as much care and time as I should whilst pulling my tights up, particularly first thing in the morning! I did catch my heel on my tights once and caught them with the corner of some sharp, plastic packaging in my Tesco carrier bag, but they miraculously didn't ladder.

The Sheer Dotty tights with my New Look wide fit shoes (no longer available)

The polka dot and dogtooth print tights are more 'dense' than the sheer tights so are better for those days when it's not quite so hot outside, or for me, high summer at work inside this freezing building! Again, they are a smidge too long for me but not so much to stop me buying more.

Here are my five top picks from Pamela Mann's range;

Black Flocked Tiger Tights £6.99 (Sizes 8-14)

All in all, I LOVE Pamela Mann tights. They really push the boat out with new designs and don't limit themselves to a few colours in quite a few designs; they make the ENTIRE RAINBOW!! Take a look for yourself!


  1. Believe it or not I've never worn tights - only stay-ups(holdups) or stockings with suspender belts. I visited Pamela Mann's website. They have some pretty stockings there at very reasonable prices.

    Strangely I hadn't heard other bloggers mention having their tights failing to contain their bottoms before but it must happen to a lot of women. I wonder how often that happens to Coco, Kim Kardashian or Nicki Minaj or whether they get their tights custom made? I have had my support hose (stay-ups/holdups) fail near my upper inner thigh and near the toes. I'm afraid I don't take as much care as I should when I pull my support hosiery up in the morning either.

    The Pamela Mann sheer dotty tights look nice on you from what I can see. I only wish there were photos of the Pamela Mann tights modeled by you in the same pose as the "disasters" photos. I like the Pamela Mann back seemed tights and also like the look of the back seamed lace top stockings on the Pamela Mann site and that all of their stocking tops look like they're meant to be seen. :)

  2. These are absolutely GREAT! I actually collect fanciful tights, stockings, and leggings, so I will definitely check out this company. As I'm moving into wanting to start doing more straight lingerie reviews, perhaps I'll start doing stockings too, and then I can have an excuse to buy some. :) Thanks for the review!

  3. Hi kel_kitty. Here at Legslavish we review all kinds of legwear including many products from Pamela Mann. We're really interested in your article because, like you we really do love Pamela Mann designs, but in the past we've struggled with their "one-size" sizes. (Very) recently we've started to look at their sized tights and even found them to be slightly unpredictable. What we have found though is that they're great quality and they really enable the wearer to style them individually. We'd really encourage folks to try them out - but try them for the wonderful designs rather than a snug fit! Lots of love, Legslavishxx

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  5. Tights can be the biggest nightmare. I always seem to get holes in mine, especially around the toes! I only wish my bum was big enough to rip them though haha. I completely agree with how much better tights are when they come high up on your waist, so much more comfortable and I think just having something quite snug over your tummy and hips (whether you're big or small) is actually quite confidence boosting. Love this post and I'll definitely look into Pamela Mann... I love those seamed tights! X

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