Thursday, 8 December 2011

Gorgeous by Debehams, a mini moan about size discrepancies...

A quick one this time. I bobbed into Debenhams (again) to buy the Gossard Ooh La La set from my previous post and tried two bras from Debenhams own 'Gorgeous' range. Now in my last post, you'll remember that I found the backs too small, and the straps too long more often than not. Aside from the luxurious satin and lace bras, Gorgeous also produce a more everyday range. Now this is where things get complicated! See, the backs are very small and the cups also run around a size smaller too in my experience. 

Below is the white floral balcony bra in a size 28G. The back was nice and snug but the cups far too small. As this is the biggest cup they do in a 28 band, my hopes of getting something in a shop were seemingly dwindling by the day....

....however, I also picked up this pink striped balcony bra in a 30GG to try, and it turned out that the back was pretty much the SAME as the 28 above!! Unfortunately the cups are a little on the small side, giving a slight 4-boob situation. I will try the 30H as soon as I can, but I think we have a success story here.

So, the moral of the story is; Don't just assume you're one size in all brands/shops/styles. ALWAYS try bras on as different brands/styles will fit differently. For example, I wear a 28H in Curvy Kate's Thrill/Tease Me, a 30G in 30G in some Gorgeous, and 32G in La Senza bikinis! 

Happy Shopping! x


  1. Hiya darling, first to say, i love your blog, its so helpful! I have problem boobs where i can never find a damn bra to fit properly and my recent visit to bravissimo has thrown my size completely! Anyway, totally agree with the debenhams issue, i tried two bras today (one in a 34 back the other in a 32) although different back sizes they fit exactly the same! I think debenhams need to rethink their size differences!

  2. Hi xXSombraXx thanks for your kind words, I'm so glad you went to Bravissimo to find our true size, It's possibly THE ONLY place to go! The Debenhams size issue is very annoying, which is why I'm going to email them and tell them! I tried one of my old 32G bras on earlier from there, which still fits ok, even though I'm now a 28 back!
    Thanks for reading :)

  3. Hi there! I need some Help! I want to order a la senza bikini and haven't a clue about their sizing. I'm a 32 gg ina curvy kate princess. What would you recommend for a la senza bikini size?

    1. HI, thanks for reading! Have you read my bikini post here: ? You might find the information you need there. La senza run a cup size smaller in my opinion, so you'd be looking at altering a 34GG to get the correct fit. You'd have to alter the band to make it smaller, so only buy one if you're able to do this.

      There are loads of other brands out there who will be able to fulfil your needs for larger cup bikinis, have a look at my bikini post as I review a number of them in there :)